Got her in the end

For months i was try to have my 14 teen year old sister,I would see her looking when i had shorts on, knew it was my chance when she had her bikini on and are parents was out,hours of messing around i made a joke about no point of having the bikini top on with that she took it off, found it hard to look away and then asked if she wanted to go inside and told her why,she looked nervous but still followed me,when she sat down i stood in front of her and not giving her a chance to change her mind i pulled my d*** out,got her to put her hand round it and start stroking it,she was asking if what she was doing was ok,i did get her to take her bikini bottoms off and spread her legs and let me s*** her but she stopped me when i got a little bit in as she said it was hurting her,had to settle for a hand job,can't wait for the weekend.

Feb 1, 2020

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  • Sounds like you and your sister are getting ready for s**! I'm pleased for you both! Remember birth control. I've had some amazing sexual experiences with my sister and would totally recommend it!

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