I am extremely fascinated by stomach growling...

So... I have a strange fascination with stomachs and stomach growling. I have no idea why or how I just do. I've had this since I was a kid, and it hasn't stopped. It's gotten to the point where I'll look it up regularly on YouTube, and often look up "insert fandom, stomach growling". It's weird, and only my friend knows, and he found out by accident. I get super uncomfortable whenever people bring it up IRL, and I try to change the subject. H***, I don't even tell my parents if I'm hungry or not.



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  • Just go away! You've been posting the same boring confession over and over again for years! At some point, it just gets old.............

  • I should probably kill you and you would' be bothered by my posts anymore.

  • Maybe kill yourself instead, you sad obsessive little waste of oxygen :)

  • I like it, too.

  • Shut up you freaks

  • For me it's specific to the woman. If I'm already attracted to her for other reasons then I find everything her body does appealing including the growling. If I'm not already attracted to her then the growling won't be interesting to me. Hope that helps.

  • I have the same interest......though I have never admitted it to anybody. I first became aware of it with a friend of my mom's, though she never knew why I always stood or sat close to her when she came to visit. And I hope she never realized how much she aroused me.

  • I understand. Tell me, do you fantasize about keeping your head on another person's stomach and hearing their stomach growl?

  • We know all about stomach growling and sitting on one's stomachs via your posts. Really, stop it.

  • Yes, please. ENOUGH!!

  • GFY!

  • Okay. Wanna watch? No, you can't listen to my stomach. Aww, deal breaker?

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