Skinny girl fetish

I have this wired fetish for really skinny girls. It also goes along with a stomach growling fetish i have so idk if that's okay or not lol. Whenever i hear a girl say ''Im so hungry you can see my ribs'' or whenever a girl is skinny enough to actually see her ribs, i get so turned on for some strange reason. I'd play with a hungry girl's ribs if i had the chance, with her really skinny, growling stomach roaring. Even seeing a skinny girl wrapping her arms around her hungry stomach drives me nuts. Anyone else have this fetish?" I think it's really wired and i don't exactly know how i got it.

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  • I like to feel her bones.

  • I'm the same way. My last girlfriend was so skinny she had an eating disorder bulimia. She had a 4 finger gap between her legs you could see her ribs her t*** were as cup but she had big long p**** lips hanging down between her legs which really turned me on. I've posted her nude pics all over the internet. Amandaalarcon

  • Googl

  • I just get hits for p*** movies. Somehow I don't believe you.

  • I watched it. Big freaking deal. One thing for sure is you guys live like filthy

  • It's a thing for sure. My hot older sister has always been skinny and fit, but sometimes too much. Will lift her shirt up to show me how her pants or jeans drop below her deep, oval innie navel, and say "I need a belt..See?' or ask "Think this is ok?", as in, is she skinny enough. It's not a mental thing or problem. She just likes being the same weight and shape she's always been.

    I've wrapped my hands and fingers completely around her waist, too, not even squeezing her very hard. When she wears a crop top or half-shirt and that thin, tiny waist and tummy are exposed..My hands get around her as often as possible.

  • So nice to see the brother sister intimacy.

  • I starve my gf. I love the powertrip of her having to work through the hunger. I love the physical aspect of feeling her ribs.

  • Shut the F_U_C_K_ about stomach growling you dumb s***, no one cares about you, or your stupid crap stories. You can't get a woman skinny or fat, and the only way you're listening to growling stomachs is if you're paying a h*****. Just go away, no one cares.

  • Exactly!

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