Why is this happening?

For 3 mos. I've been cheating on my wife with a s******. I've never been so turned on by anybody like I am for this girl.

Oct 3, 2017

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  • If you're married, you will never have a better mistress than a s******. Trust me.

  • S****** s** is the best s**. Period.

  • It's happening because you love her. You want to maintain the relationship, and you should.

  • You're playing with fire. That s****** will take your money. And then she will blow up your marriage. And then she will burn down your life. You'll be sorry you ever met her.

  • Why? Probably because your getting a little older (over 40-ish), and a little dissatisfied with the s** that's available at home (bland, predictable), and need some excitement -- sexual and otherwise -- in your life. A s****** affair is the best way to shake things up, because there's ALWAYS drama, there's ALWAYS heat, and there is ALWAYS pure satisfaction: a s****** won't let you leave unless and until she's pleased you completely and in every way. Enjoy what you have with her: you, my friend, are one of the luckiest men alive, and you should recognize that.

  • Most shemales are wildly oversexed . . . and that's a good thing. H***, that's a wonderful thing. Their entire being is devoted to pleasure: pleasing themselves and pleasing others. They are giving and loving and romantic and hot. So, when you find yourself in the presence of one of them, you want to be like them, and so your desires get ratcheted up like theirs are. It's not magic. It's heat. Go for it. GO FOR IT!!

  • Same. Wife distanced herself. Zero libido. Not interested in me. To busy doing other stuff. I spent literally years questioning my own humanity. Just recently met this girl. It's so hot. She's exciting hot. Dresses sexy. Is available.

    Some day soon my wife will find out. There will be tears. But I'm over it. I'll just walk away.

  • Well-said. Thanks for saying it.

  • My guess is that this was something you'd been wanting for a long time, an opportunity presented itself, and you seized it. Don't worry over it. Enjoy it!!

  • Why? Because your wife can't satisfy you the way this special girl can. You'll never be satisfied with your wife again. Leave home. Marry this new girl.

  • You were curious about it, you sampled it, and you acquired a taste for it. You should date a few other t-girls and see if what you've found with this first one is the real thing, or if you find someone even better. Enjoy your journey!

  • Because you are gay, and you like a d*** up your ass.

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