Im 16 and my bra size is 14 C what do any of you guys think of this? Is it too small? Let us know thanks

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  • In Australia, a size 14 is on the more plump/voluptuos size. We dont use the dimensions more commonly associated with bra size around the world.
    I think that this is what the "confessor" meant.
    Size 6= very skinny, 8=skinny, 10-12 healthy range, 14= slighly plump.
    Please note these are generalised comment about sizes. Everyone differs.

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  • Do you wear your bra on your neck? 12 inches around? I love posts like this where they don't actually do the math on the boast.

    I saw one where a -girl- was bragging that her new man was packing. She said something like 7 or 8 inches long, but 3.5 inches around.. she was clear about the around part. Not diameter or radius. Around. Sheesh. Thats not a p****, thats a probe.

  • Get over yourself B****

  • so you're a liar then, lololol
    Do bras even COME in that size?!
    I'm pretty small,
    and I'm 34, not 14. You're a liar, little miss.
    You're actually stupid!

  • 14 c? doesn't make sense someones lying.......

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  • sure hope that was a typo and you meant 34C.

  • what are you? a straw? a drinking straw with t***? another liar post

  • I can't tell without pictures. Please post them.

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  • do you not have ribs? sounds like a lie to me........

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