Under dressing at work

I am a 56 year old closeted married crossdresser and today at work it is such a good day. I shaved my legs put on new black thigh high stockings, black mesh with black and red lace panties a matching bra, small breast forms, and light make up and I feel so fem. My dark shirt conceals the fact I am wearing a bra.

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  • Wow u sound very sexy. I would love to chat with you. I’m 62 and in good shape. I love that you dress up. That’s so sexy. I have a strong s** drive. Let me know.

  • I would love too chat e-mail or phone

  • I have a very feminine and submissive Male coworker Jesse who is like you. I discovered his/her secret and for the last 3 years f*** Jesse on my office couch after work.

    Jesse is so hot and sexy as a woman, and I prefer that tight ass to my wife's p****. Jesse wants s** all the time and to swallow. My wife is a twice a month girl and had not sucked my c*** in 10 years.

    I'm thinking of divorcing my wife to be with him/her. I want to be with Jesse all the time and not just in bed.

  • What does she wear to work and how did you find her out

  • Just so you know, I think of Jesse as female. All female. She is the sexiest woman I know. Just because she has a c*** it doesn't make her male.

    3 years ago Regular male business casual. Since we started she dresses full time as a woman. I discovered her late one night. I came back to work at 9pm and Jesse was changing to go to a crossdressing club. She was in bra panties nylons and heels. She had on full makeup and a wig. Jesse actually had breast implants when she was 19. They are pretty B-cup t******.

    Jesse frozen when she saw me. I thought she was so beautiful. I walked up to her pulled her to me and kissed her. She kissed me back and we ended up making love all night on my office sofa.

    Hiring and falling in love with Jesse is the best thing that ever happened to me. In fact posting about her yesterday made me decide to divorce my wife.

    I told my wife last night and showed up at Jesse place at midnight. I pulled her to me, picked her up carried her to our bed and we made love for hours.

    I going to marry her, if she will have me as a husband


  • I just said, I want a divorce. She said, she wanted out for awhile and she had been have an affair for the last year.

    I guess mentally she stopped being my wife a while ago.

  • Sorry to hear that but it worked out for the best. I am close to retirement and all of my money for retirement I con never make up enough to still retire if she divorced me now. But I also feel I may dye inside the longer I have to stay male and not my self.

  • You and her sound like great people. I wish I could tell my wife and live as a woman too. Jesse sounds like a great girl your lucky.

  • Wish i had something or someone to share with

  • I am wearing my favourite bra a slip and light nightie. I like the feeling of moving around in bed and feeling my br easts under me when I lay on my front. Just how a real woman feels. I dream about a big co ck filling my mouth with hot thick c um and swallow his massive load.

  • That sounds so hot!! Are you married?

  • Yes, she has no idea I cross dress or that I love c***

  • I am into silky knickers and slips, silky vintage nylon nightwear and I adore stockings and suspenders.
    I have been married but am now divorced and can indulge my passion completely. I m********* all the time as I am highly sexed and I can hardly pull a pair of silky panties on without getting a massive erection. I love C*** too.

  • Im in bed with a homemade c*** in my but

  • That’s hot I would love to be in u.

  • I have just got out of bed and made a coffee and I thought I'd see if you had replied.
    I am sitting here in silk black French knickers, very lacy and drapery, and a very full vintage nylon negligee which feels gorgeous against my body when I am in bed or walk around, all floaty and lovely.
    My friend Peter is visiting on Wednesday and I am really looking forward to it. He is a lovely panty-man with a big muscle which when stiff its shaped like a banana. I haven't decided what lingerie I will wear for him yet, it's just exciting planning it.

  • Thank you for the note I just saw your reply. I am at work with fresh shaved legs and ball sack, nude thigh high stockings, and sexy ivory and black lace panties, matching bra and small breast forms under a thicker dress shirt here at work. I also did a light make up and lip stick. I wish I could see your sexy panties you have on

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