I caught my Husband Sharin my nudes with his brother

My husband is always taking pictures of me while we have s**. One day he was showering and his phone was going off so I went to go pick up the phone and bring it to him. Maybe it was work or something important and in one of the incoming text I saw a picture of my sister in law naked which I immediately freaked out and I unlocked his phone to see if he was having an affair with my SIL when I notices that it was text from my brother in law.

As I scrolled the texts I saw my nudes that my husband was swapping with his brother. And I was so furious and confused on why he did this . He then shouted and asked that I bring him his phone. I locked it and gave it to him.
Now I haven't confronted him and don't know what to even say. Is this behavior normal do brothers share pictures of their wives?

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  • Actually, I want to save your day, the notion of normal is ambiguous, most of the people act like normal, like the society and workplace and family required, but many of us do some things that are not seen as normal. So forget that thing, normal or non-normal.
    Second, if he take nude pictures of you, this is a good thing, means that he is still interested in you, he find your body attractive and exciting, when he will not take pictures of you anymore, then you should be aware.
    Some guys if they are close friends, if they trust each other sometime exchange pictures of their wife’s or girlfriends, I suppose that he sent to his brother pictures of you and his brother send back naked pictures of his wife, this is like exchange for exchange, and many guys do this, is somehow exciting to share your girl, and also to see a girl that is not yours.
    This actually is a god thing, as I told you your husband is still interested in you.

  • I disagree with part of your statement. Yes, it's good that her husband wants to take pictures. Those pictures however are for his eyes and not the world. By sharing them he's basically comparing his wife to others, and that is not acceptable.

  • Is not comparing, is a game, is a sexual stimulation and game, is exiting but... anyhow, not everyone understand this

  • Eitherway, it's not acceptable. If it were acceptable than she would know about it and wouldn't be upset. He is obviously a j****** and doesn't deserve her. Play f****** games with your own body and pictures, not someone else's, but obviously you don't understand that!

  • You're a paedophile so your opinion matters not.

  • Again, go back to jacking your little p****. You are a troll who is all of probably 14 and still living with mommy and daddy.

  • No, they don't. I have nudes of my wife, but I would never betray her trust by showing them to someone else, let alone giving them to anyone.
    You have every right to be p***** and never show him your goods again for a photo shoot.

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