That i am addicted to coming onto this site each day with one hand on the keyboard and the other between my legs , reading the stories till i come. i love the stories about sniffing knickers people leave their email address but no one ever writes back when i email them



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  • Email me and I will tell you all my stories about my panty/knicker sniffing antics. I also have pics of dirty panties to trade as well. Love to hear from females as well. What would you do or say if you caught me masturbating while sniffing a pair of your still damp and sticky dirty panties?

  • D******, if they haven't written to you in 1.3 years, they won't just because you keep reposting your email address. Give it up, ya melt!

    What panties are you wearing today? I love to sniff dirty panties while I w*** off. we can swap pics if you like. email me x

  • Some of us are just messed up lonely old men. I'm my case I was not allowed to m********* as a teen. Now single I come here and w*** away.

    So for your stimulating material, imagine me as a kid. Very obedient. My parents would pray with me as I knelt beside my bed to resist the urge. Then I'd sleep with the night light on and they would come at anytime to check on me. When I showered or went to the toilet I had to leave the door open. My bedroom door also always open. Each day they'd all me if I had been strong and if so a green tick on the calendar. A shake of my head and we'd go into the lounge. I'd bend over and receive the cane.

  • You are so full of s***.
    And stop liking your own post. You look like a f****** idiot when you do that.

  • I wrote the reply. I'm not the op.
    Kind of sad you are so judgemental.

  • Never said you were the OP, I said you're full of s***. And any comment on this site that immediately receives a like after being posted, is done so by the person who writes it.
    Judgemental? No, I just point out bullshit and people who like their own s***.

  • That's because most people don't have fetishes about panties. Find something else.

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