To drunk to remember

Last night I brought me wife back to our hotel room after a friend's wedding. I started to f*** her then she flips over and tells me to shove it up her ass. I didn't even hesitate. I grabbed the lube ( that I convinently brought) wet it up and slid my hard cocktail deep in her tight Lil hole. The second I did all I could hear was no to much so I buried her face in the pillows and kept plowing. Ramming b**** deep up her a******. I could hear her screaming for a bit then moaning loud. I let her up from the pillows as she yells out lous "oh yes daddy, f*** my slutty as good!" I can't believe how my straight edge wife turns into the world's biggest wore when you get a little booze in her. I pulled that c*** out rolled her on her back and shove that meat deep down her throat. Making here choke on that atm style. Was like f*** in my own portstar. This morning she woke up nt remembering anything. It was like a hall pass for being a discusting pervert a******. =)

Oct 21, 2017

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  • She will remember but wont want to admit how hot she can get when she lets her guard down
    love to hear more

  • She remembers but won't admit the fact

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