Mother in law sexual thoughts

Hey I have this thing for my mother in law and I just have this feeling that I want to tell her how I really feel towards her like we both seen each other almost completely naked and damn she is so hot I would do anything to get to bend her over the table and f*** her. She has the biggest ass I have ever seen what should I do.

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  • I just came out with it and I said to my MIL I want to make out with you. I wasn't even intoxicated or anything else, just so f ucking hor ny for her c unt. She then mixed us a drink and we f ucked like rabbits.

    We have f ucked a few times and we're still f ucking and as it turned out she is threatening me by telling my wife. She is the type who doesn't give a
    f uck about anything really. Now I have to keep f ucking her for the sake of my marriage and myself and my wife have a very good s ex life together.

  • I’m a widow of 64 and the hottest thing that happened to me was when my son in law took me on the kitchen table in my house.

    The curtains weren’t closed and I saw a old woman looking as us. I don’t know for how long she was looking but when she saw me looking back to her she quickly moved on.

  • When I found out me and my ex were divorcing, I went and stayed at her moms for a couple weeks, I was always closer to her than my wife was. About a week into staying there, we were having a few drinks one night when she told me she’d never been eaten out. I offered to go down on her, I was drunk and h****, she accepted. I picked her for awhile until she came several times and then begged me to f*** her. We ended up falling asleep together and we f***** every chance we got for the next couple months until I moved to another state for a job. Still get together every time I go home or when she comes to visit me.

  • I too have a mil who has a really nice ass. I saw her bending over in front of me a few times and all I wanted to do is pull her pants down and f*** the s*** out of her! But for the most part I would want her lips wrapped around my c***

  • See you can get her to give you massage but be slick about it. Rub yourself when she's around and act like you're sore. If she doesn't offer after a while then at that point you can ask her but be smart
    About your timing. The key is to gradually increase the comfort between each other and let things gradually build up.

  • I shower at my inlaws occasionalky and always let my MIL see me naked, usually d*** standing proud. She can never stop staring.

  • I hear you. I shower and walk out with a towel covering me and accidentally let it drop as I walk past her. She giggles and will say something like, "You better watch out, you might scrape it on something".

  • Idiot

  • What's your issue dickface?

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