I wish I could redo my life

I’m just so sick of being a teenager and I want to redo my life all over again. I used to be such a happy child with no worries in the world and now I just feel myself getting down over the littlest of things. My friends and I aren’t friends with the boys in our town because we have to be in a certain group with this f****** popular ass b**** they love to death and if you’re not friends with her then you’re considered weird. I’ve never had a boyfriend and because we aren’t friends with the popular groups we aren’t invited to some of their parties. It’s not that we’re weird they just hold a grudge against us because we aren’t their best friends. Our parents are too strict and never let us go out anyway and the struggle of sneaking out just becomes too much because we always end up caught. My parents love my little brother and sister and because I’m the eldest they don’t let me do anything and my siblings get whatever they want. I feel like I’ve failed my parents sometimes. I wish I could change how I look too because I have a big nose and small b**** and small lips and I just look stupid. I know I might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m just too upset rn. I just wish I could redo some things in my life and make it better And i can’t wait until I leave this claustrophobic town with stupid people and stupid places

Oct 26, 2017

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  • I started going out with this lady. she was pretty quiet and wore shapeless clothes. She used to go on about how disgusting her legs were. I started dressing her. She would describe herself as my doll. Sometimes I had to cajole and sometimes insist. Now almost all the time I dress her in skimpy miniskirts and sexy tops. Her kids tell her she looks like a teenager or she's going to get attested.

    Recently we were going to a bbq and it was a bit windy and I asked her if she'd like to wear jeans and she said everyone expects me to wear miniskirts for you if I wore jeans they'd think I was trying to drop you. Yes she's changed!

  • ........wtf........................?

  • Every day -- every single morning -- is a new opportunity to begin again.

  • Me too.
    Only I'm 50.

  • I wish I could be a teenager again

  • It's not too late to start over. It's never too late. Trust me. You can do this.

  • I was never in the "in group" but I was kind of acceptable to them. I would get invited to their parties but was not part of making things happen if that makes sense. I spent a lot of time trying to work out what made the popular kids be in the in group and I could never work it out.

    What was wrong with me. I kept trying to work it out.

    Some of the kids who were never invited it was obvious why not and that was because they were really annoying but there were a lot of kids who were not in like me but I could not work out why.

  • Life should come with instruction manual and how do life for dummies. so many people regret all they did the first time around, which is why you can see meghan merkle is perfect for a royal princess because she will not want to make the same mistakes like a newbie married would and she is experienced woman of the world not a wannabee!

  • Yeh stenchy like my life - same here.

  • Very simple solution. Do your own thing and go your own direction. If people choose to follow you than so be it, if not who cares. You do things for yourself, not others. If you dont learn this now, you will be a follower the rest of your life.

  • Very true. Thank you for the reply :)

  • I don't -- by any means -- intend to minimize the problems you're experiencing by telling you they are somewhat common, but they are. That knowledge doesn't make it any easier to cope with them, or navigate to a place of comfort and calm, but knowing that you aren't alone may help some. I can also tell you that, by not following the popular group, you will become a far-better-adjusted adult, but that is also true. I know that because I grew up and went through adolescence with the same concerns you expressed, and I am VERY glad I wasn't in that crowd. You will be, too. That won't happen today, but it will happen over time. You will be so happy that you developed a resistance to crowd-think and just going along with the flow, finding your own way and your own friends, not the ones that you are expected to have. Hold fast to your own thoughts and interests, and let all the lemmings follow each other off the cliff and into the sea. Be strong. Be well.

  • Thank you for the reply, what you said is very true and I think I was just very upset when I wrote the post. I will remember what u said :)

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