My daughter's pantys

I went and picked up my daughter one day from her mom's she couldn't handle her any more and sent her to live with me I really didn't have a relationship with her as I wasn't around that much when I seen her I feel in love with her so I didn't want to do anything to her but she would walk around in her pantys and bra or just a towel right out of shower she knew she turned me on so one day I was doing the cloths and seen her dirty pantys and I started smelling them I rubbed one out but them I wanted to feel close to her and I started wearing them I fell asleep on the couch and she seen me wearing her pantys she was p***** and told her mom her mom never said anything to me but if I could I would do it again

Jul 23, 2019

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  • I love sniffing, licking, c****** in and wearing my nieces knickers, I let the youngest watch me c** in hers every chance I get she is not quite 3

  • I have since talked to my daughter and told her I'm in love with her and that I want to make love to her I think she is going to let me but she is scared someone might find out I tell her no one will but I guess we will have to see I can't wait till she does be a dream come true

  • How old is she?

  • 28 now

  • You need to reassure her that what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. Make you use birth control, ideally she would be on the contraceptive pill. Hope things work out for you and your daughter.

  • She knows that already she don't want no one to know but I would love to have a baby with her as I can't use condoms because they break me out really bad

  • I understand condoms are passion killers. Perhaps let nature take its course but like i said before ideally she would be on the pill. First step is to ensure she wants to be with you. From what you said previously you two have talked about becoming an item. I would advise you to take her on a romantic holiday where you can be with each other without worrying about other people.

  • I think my daughter and boyfriend are having s** together! I don't know what to do?

  • I think u should find out for sure and then one day sneak in on them while ur naked and join in

  • That's ok, don't panic. How long have they been together?

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