I want

to have s** with my boyfriend.

but I cant bacause of a promise.

I love him so much and feel bad for making him wait......but I must.

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  • i think you should wait, it will be worth the wait if you truly love each other and God will approve

  • Waiting until marriage sounds "old fashion" and unfortunately it is, but there is a ton of wisdom and reward in waiting. Like so many things in life, the easier the challenge the less the reward. My wife and I waited and we are so glad we did. Restraining our sexual desires before marriage has made our love life so much more rewarding, and, it added a spiritual component to our relationship that is priceless. Wait - I promise you, you will not regret it - in fact you will be VERY grateful that you did.

  • Swallow or spit, the job gets done. Also, the favor should be returned. Does your guy want to settle and you both give oral and hand jobs?

  • ^ Did I touch a nerve sweetie?

    : )

  • ^ you worthless s***
    a woman who swallows is anything but a lady

  • ^ In the bedroom she is.
    Unlike you however, everywhere else, she is a lady.

  • ^your woman must be a w****

  • I got exactly what I deserve. A woman who swallows.

  • #5, go get a dog to do that for you, that's obviously what you deserve.

  • A girl with principles is BORING!

  • there's nothing wrong with waiting. waiting won't give you an std. a girl with principles is very attractive.

  • Face it #4, she's never gonna do a*** or swallow. What good is a girl who won't swallow?

  • #2, you're a smart one.
    #3, grow up you d*** face

  • Integrity and character don't get you laid. Her boyfriend should move on and find a girl who isn't a prude.

  • Integrity and character are very attractive qualities. Don't feel bad for having them.

  • Why? Did you promise to have s** with somebody else first?

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