Blackmailing my sister in law

A while back i bought an old iphone from my wife's younger sister in a bit of an emergency situation when i couldn't get in to get a new one right away and although she had deleted everything she had not done a factory reset on it so i was able to recover a lot of potentially damaging stuff, there were emails to other guys, Texts to guys and girls, and Pictures and videos on it that were not of her and her husband although there were some of them too.
I was not planning on ever using any of this to my advantage other than scrolling through the pictures and videos while jerking off since she is a total smoke show to look at, Great ass, Big (Perfect) t***, Pretty face, Basically the total package physically. but then one night while she was at our house my wife made a comment about how she was going to sell her phone but had to do a factory reset. Her sister asked her why and as she explained you could see a look of panic set in on her face. She didn't say anything until the next day when out of the blue she showed up at our house while my wife was at the mall.
I answered the door and she stepped in, Closed the door and looked at me, She said "Um....I don't suppose there is any reason to ask for my old phone back since you probably already saved everything somewhere else?", I pretended to be puzzled and before i could even say anything she said "Don't...Just don't". We talked for a few minutes and i totally would have never used any of it to my advantage except that she started pulling attitude with me and since we have never really gotten along that great anyway i decided to teach her a lesson, She made a comment i was not very happy with and i blurted out "Maybe i'll just mail some of it to you and you can take your chances picking up the mail before he does" and that was when she realized she was not the one with the upper hand since i could just deny any of it and there would be no proof since i had done a reset on the phone and as she said it was all saved elsewhere.
She looked at me and said "so...What do you want...What will it take to make this disappear" and i replied "Oh...I don't think there is any one thing that can", She looked at me and shook her head then stormed out slamming the door. Three days later she was back again while my wife was out of town at their moms house over night and said "Are you going to?", I said "Going to what?" and she asked if i was going to send stuff to her house and whether she needed to be living in fear or if there was something she could do to make it all go away. I looked at her and said "Anything like what?"and she said "I don't know, Like anything, Whatever...Do you want me to suck your d***" and up until that moment i hadn't honestly put any thought into what i was going to do with the fact she knew i had everything or that she was being a b**** to me.
I was a bit shocked and i just laughed saying "You know what...Why don't you go home and maybe i'll think it over", I had an overwhelming surge of power and as she turned around i looked at her ass which looked amazing in her yoga capris and gave it a little smack watching it jiggle a little and she turned around then i said "see you soon". I sat down and went through some of the emails and looking at the dates some of it was from before they were married but she was still banging her ex after they were married that much i know for sure, Some of the pics it is hard to tell if he was there or not and some he is in the pictures but i knew she would not want anyone to see any of the pictures of her with two guys or any of them with her and either of the two girls.
About a week later i found out that she had been texting my wife and that was how she knew when to show up at the house and she showed up Sunday morning while the wife was away at a concert the night before and had told her she wouldn't be home until supper time, I answered the door and she stepped in, Closed the door and said "Well?". I shrugged my shoulders and said "Well what, i don't know what you want me to say", she said "I want everything back, Every copy, All of it.", I looked at her and said "Ok but how will you know if i made more copies, There is no way to know", She put her hands on the sides of her face and looked at me than said "Are you going to do something with it or not?" so i asked her "Are you still cheating on mike?", She said no but who knows and she said "I don't care about that, We have dealt with that and although it would stir up a bunch of old s*** i don't need it has already been dealt with, I don't want the pictures in anyone else's possession...If they ever got out it would ruin my life, My career, My marriage".
I invited her in and sat down, She sat beside me and said "Look, I just want the pictures back", We talked for a minute and she offered again to give me head, I shook my head and she grabbed her shirt at the bottom pulling it over her head and i kind of froze but she whipped off her bra and got on her hands and knees kneeling over my lap and kissed me, She groped me then undid my pants and pulled them to the floor.
My wife's little sister swallowed a load that morning and since then in the past few months she has taken two or maybe three times as many loads as my wife, She has come to realize she will never get her stuff back but is willing to buy my silence with favors, She is a little submissive and i make sure she gets off every time because it makes her feel guilty that she is enjoying getting banged by her sisters husband, she lets me do things my wife never has and never will and i have started breaking her in to facials and a little bit of a*** fingering, Last week she laid face down on the living room floor on a soaking wet towel with her ass covered in come and twitching as she came from getting fingered in the ass. There was an awkward moment when she moaned "F*** i love you" then looked back and said "I mean that...I love that".
Not sure how long i'll do this for but probably for a while yet, She is still young, Hot and willing to do almost anything i tell her to.


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  • Dang that is hot wish it would of been me I would never give it back as long as you are getting what you said

  • Any new updates?

  • Nice...really nice

  • Funny story even if it is all BS.

  • Do you have any pics to share? I'll share my wifes nude pics! Are you interested?

  • GFY, paedophile!

  • Pretty women get away with entirely to much s***. She has this coming imo.

  • Ah so nice

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