Is it weird if you go to your mates house and see his sexy sisters thongs and take them out of the washing basket to go to the toilet and have a w*** whilst snuffing and sucking the wetness out off them xx

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  • Better his sister's than his!

  • Sounds good to me

  • What is it like to be a mother? i have no idea. don't you have to fight like a bulldog pitt dog pub fight for that role?

  • You're f***** up. Go kill yourself.

  • Your the clown that posts negative comments on most sites aren't you ?
    Your a real goose stop it everyone is getting very sick of you and your rude non contributory comments how about p****** off

  • Get used to them, cupcake. As long as retards keep posting stupid non-contributory "confessions" like "i sniffed someone's panty's, chapter 7,906" OP and kissasses like you need to sit down and shut up. Have a blessed day :)

  • Yes, its natural. My friends c** over and use my wife's panties. It turns me on to know they do!

  • Yes everyone does it at some point.

  • No, it's 100% normal, everyone does it.

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