I'm 17 and have never had a boyfriend.

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  • hmmmm ur either ugly or have a s***** personality.

    cuz in order to have a bf u need 2 have both looks&personality.

    or at least one!

  • I'm 15 and never had a boyfriend either. You've got two years on me, but really, I don't think I'm going to get one anytime soon.

    I know how you, alone? I've had huge falls for every guy I've ever liked. The crushes are really strong, and last a year or two, usually. But....never been kissed, never really been held. I'm not sure I can even hug straight? But...

    I feel like there's hope for everyone. It's not like I weigh a lot. And I can't be that ugly, cause I've got beautiful friends who don't hurl when they see me. lol.

    I'm sure you're just the same as me. Waiting on a miracle, but they do exist. I've watched them happen ;]

  • #1 - great imagery f*** face. when you grow up, start giving advice.

    as for #8, you're totally right.

  • #1, you do realize that what you say and do has consequences right? This girl is asking for help, not for someone to tare her down. It is possible to say something hurtful enough for someone to comit suicide. I only hope no one listens to your ignorant bull s***. To 17, not everyone is a first class superficial p**** like #1.

  • When a guy makes the comment that your ugly or fat, it only says something about them, not you. They are ugly on the inside. As cliche as it sounds, people who make these comments are very hateful, the only way they can feel ok about themselves is to make hurtful and negative comments about other people. The sad thing is, you'll be happier in life than they ever will, no matter what you look like. I am sure you are a beautiful girl and I know it is hard to wait for a guy but it will happen when it is supposed to. I'm 23 and I've only had one boyfriend. It's not because I am hateful, fat or ugly. It's because I have chosen not to rush things, not to run out and find a boyfriend just to have one. I am waiting till I find someone (or he finds me), that I can really be happy with and not just have a fling. Don't worry about what the two guys above me have said, you have a wonderful heart and that matters more than their six pack and spiky hair.

  • Soooo....#1..
    are you stupid all the time?
    Or just when you get behind a computer screen.

  • ^ Excellent point #1! That was my first thought too.
    "Hmmm... must be a real two-bagger."

  • meh when the time is right boo the guy will come to you :)

  • #1, stupid d***

    don't rush it honey.
    live your life. you've got more than enough time.

  • ... so you're single?

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