Maybe cheating isn't bad?

Me and my girlfriend got together while we where both Meath addicts, at the time it was convent I had just turned 18 she had a car and a place for me to sleep and a s***** little job. Now I have made changes with my life I'm no longer a Meath addict I'm almost 21 and I'm not a horrible looking guy. My gf has a lot of baggage including a 5 year old (not mine at all) and she is fat not to mention I have a lot of family issues. She is convinced we are going to be together forever like FOREVER the whole time I'm alive on this piece of s*** rock flying through space. Realistically I know I'm going to need to have s** with other people I feel it already I've been faithful for almost 3 years through all the bullshit and I feel like the best parts of the whole relationship was during the year or so we where smoking meth together it's boring now she is boring I hate having s** with her I need something else and I am going it have it and it's going to be so good and worth it. I know u can do better than what I have I want spice and amazing s** and the thrill of someone new to please and new thrills. It sucks because I do like her but I am going to break her heart so bad but I'm starting to resent her, she has even miscarried my baby after she f***** her xboyfriend for $80 to buy meth and 151 liqueur while I was strung out and it's so bad because I know that it was probably a blessing it wasn't born because obviously I am a s***** person and I am riding along in a relationship that I regret and resent everyday


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  • Prepare for separation. Take the burden of leaving on yourself. Get a place to stay and prepare to take your stuff and leave the stuff you might own with her. Sell what you can to lower the burden.

    Get into a different city. Distance will help. Then hit new places for new friends. New hobby could bring new clubs and people's.

    Start going to a night class. Art or a foreign language. This will allow for a chance to be invited unto a different sorts of situations. Invited to openings of music fests or other cultural events.

    In fact get out of the house or apartment as much as you can. Bowling 3 nights a week. Can you disconnect enough that it is just her place you are crashing at. Not your kid. Not forever.

  • I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your unborn baby. As per your relationship - end it. Leave if it is easier, but if you want to make it right, speak with her and explain this needs to change. She needs to change. I hope this helps.

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