Age Gap

I am involved with a man that is 13 years older than me. He is 34 and I am 21. We started dating when I was 19. We've been in a relationship since. I've yet to introduce him to my family, but I've met his and we all get along. I keep using the distance as an excuse for why I haven't introduced him to my family but really I'm afraid of how they will judge him, and how they will judge me. I've read multiple comments online on how they believe older men take advantage of younger girls, or they only date younger women when they can't find anyone their own age. The word "manchild" gets thrown around a lot too, while the young woman gets called stupid and naive. However in all the comments there is some truth. The truth being, in some ways I am too immature for him. He always talks to me about getting married and starting a family, and while all of that is nice to think about, I'm still trying to get my life together right now. Part of me feels pressured to give him all of these things before it's "too late" and since I love him I don't want to waste his time... but I'm really not ready to settle down. It isn't a matter of commitment, it's a matter of knowing I wouldn't be the best mother or wife right now because I'm still sorting myself out. I also read that between the ages of 21-25 is when we change a lot, and I'm worried when that happens, we may grow out of each other. Even if that doesn't happen, what about his inevitable midlife crisis? Will I be able to give him the support he needs? The support he has always given me due to his emotional maturity? Is it selfish to stay with him when I can't even give him what he wants? When a woman his age who has established herself can? I want to be with him, however it's because I love and care for him that I can't help having these doubts that I'm really the right one for him.

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