How can I talk to her again

So there's a girl who lives an hour away from me that I was talking to and we became really close. It was a weird relationship, and I just liked her so much but I didn't mind being just friends. Anyways sometimes she would just ignore my messages, which I wasn't that angry over but I portrayed myself as a hard man with a good reputation. And I realised I made myself sound so desperate with how much I try to talk to her and so I unadded her on snapchat to try show that I wasn't that clingy. But she never tried getting me back, I haven't heard from her since. I miss talking to her, and I want to get in touch again. The tricky part is I really don't want to sound desperate. So is there any way I can start talking to her again out of the blue without sounding desperate. I still have her phone number and follow on Instagram. Thanks

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  • Hey, right now you have nothing with her, so the way I see it you have nothing to loose. Swallow your dignity and call her. All she can do is ignore you.

  • If she can't meet your needs and you can't stomach it you need to get out, i know that feeling I don't want to talk to theo again cuz I didn't like him hugging me, they over do that at support group and wouldn't mind if they were good looking and young but they are old and boring and submissive dills. you got to move on when your not comfortable.

  • Flllluck off.

  • She isn't interested. Move on.

  • I think the future is moving towards those sophie robots, I can just see one now marrying you or being the next royal nanny or queen or king for that matter! and politicians like presidents and so on. stop worrying. the future is robotic.

  • F-U-C-K OFF

  • Dude you got ghosted. And I call BS you were good just being friends. If so you wouldn't have been pestering her you would have schugged it off like any other social media friend. She may answer back but that will be her just enjoying her power card but she most likely will blow you off again if she does. What ever it was it's done because she ended it for her own reason. Spare yourself and move on.

  • Don't worry about how it sounds or looks to reach out to someone you care about. Tell her what you told us: "I've missed talking with you and I want us to begin doing that again. I'm sorry if I offended you, and I'll do my best to be a better friend. I hope you're as willing as I am."

  • Real love does weird things to us, it has nothing to do with just "being desperate" some people have to experience desperateness before they find real love because they are too in control of their lives, love conquers all.

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