Mother in law crush

I'm in low w/ my mother in law. She's in her early 50s, but has the body 10-15 years younger. Her peppered hair flows down to her VERY large b******, then to her small waist. I don't think she feels the same way about me, but I've gotten the feeling she's appreciative of how I stare at her in l***. She's beautiful. If the circumstances presented themselves to me, I would love to live the rest of my life with her instead of my wife.

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  • Fiction.

  • So you should too dam! you f*** her!

  • Like I did your mum?

  • Learn how to spell "mom" haha

  • "Mum" is English you fool.

  • I'm going to rearrange you face!

  • I took the jump with my former ex-wife's mother, she was 20 years older then me, and had a body of a 25 year old, I found her nude asleep one afternoon, took advantage of her, we had incredible s** for 5 years, until my wife took an early afternoon from work and drove over to her mother's place, she walked in on her stocking feet and we didn't hear her, when she walked into the bedroom her mother was sitting on my face stroking me. Her mother must have had her eyes closed since she kept stroking until I started to c**. Then we hear don't you 2 look happy with each other. Needless to say end of marriage, I did see her mother for a few more months. We had a scare when she missed her period. I will always think back to those wonderful days with her.

  • God, so so so so so sexy. I wish you'd knocked her up. DAMN, how I wish you'd knocked her up. And I would bet SHE wishes you'd knocked her up, too. Why did your relationship with her end? Can you possibly get back together with her? Very very jealous here!

  • .....same for me here........... i always wanted to have an affair - and a child - with my M-I-L ................ even though nothing ever happened between us.......but i fantasized about her for years and i'm pretty sure she knew that. she was a nasty trick ........ really filthy ........... and i was in love with her .........actually...i still am in love with her.

  • Nice fiction, dotard!

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