Chubby and single

I'm 50 and chubby with very large b**** 46hh. I'm single for the 1st time in 25yrs. I'm insecure about my body, my ex called me a fat slang even though he was the only man I had f*****.
I want no strings s** but unsure if men would want to f*** a fattie. I'm very submissive and bony mind being humiliated. I need a good f******



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  • I don't want her , you can have her , she's too fat for me.

  • You are funny.


  • Firstly, get a gym membership and focus on improving your health (proper nutrition) which will boost your self-confidence and then, pursue sexual no-strings s** (be careful). Just going for a quick leg-over will REINFORCE your insecurity long-term which will make you feel WORSE.

  • Be happy with what you have

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  • Be yourself you will be fine

  • Hi
    I love fat s**** with poor body image.
    I would lick every inch of your huge t*** and c*** and then f*** you in every hole.
    Dajmkriss2004 at yahoo . Co . Uk

  • Hi I will show u some hot s***

  • You're a sow!

  • Bet you would f*** me and let me suck your c*** dry

  • Sorry, not into guys.

  • Fat women are like mopeds. Everyone love to ride them, you just don't want your friends to catch you on one.

  • Leave the pups alone you would be better off with an old dog like me. A good licker and real humper

  • No thanks. I prefer HIV negative.

  • How would you like a 25 yr old with a 7 inch d***? I'm half your age and love older women, and bigger woman. I want your chubby p**** spread open while you're on all fours f****** you doggy, facing a mirror so I can see your big t*** swinging away.

  • Sounds good. My fat nipples will rub on the floor as they swing

  • Then we'll cover the floor in chocolate sauce so I can lick your fat nipples clean after. I bet my big d*** would get lost between your big fat t******. Would you let me f*** your flabby rolls of fat? Leaving my c** all over your body.

  • Mmmmm love to suck them babe

  • Just like you slobber on my nutz?

  • I would be happy to help you out

  • I'm 30 and love f****** fat old Slags. Do you do a***. My gf is a fatty and I let other men f*** her, what she doesn't know is I charge them £50

  • You will not prostate me, I f*** for free. Just a fat s***

  • Your prostate took a leave of absence when those 4 dudes filled you to the brim.

  • You're a disgusting slob!

  • Are you looking in the mirror

  • No. I'm looking at you.

  • You have a strange mirror

  • You have a strange desire to molest sheep.

  • There are hard core guys who love women like you. Those skinny toothpick girls can be gross and have to depend on implants. Then when they bend over and the implant goes wrinkly on the sides. Such a b**** killer.

    Do you have large l****? Long, fat, wrinkly? More men than you know go crazy for that.

  • Yes I have a puffy l**** and clot. I hope to be f***** quite soon, until then my fat black d**** is getting a lot of use x

  • Freak!

  • W*****

  • A-S-S-H-O-L-E !!!

  • 46HH.... Holy s***, them's some f****** t****** now. I don't care who you are, if you're a guy and you have a pulse, you want a see them puppies :)

  • There not puppies they are fully grown b****** but they have a nice chubby p**** to help them out

  • Mmm let me in

  • I'm 60 with a fat circumcised 8in fat c***. I'd love to stretch that fat c*** and s**** in you. So how do I contact you, you fat saggy t** old s***.

  • I'm that sounds very nice, I'm in Dudley west Midlands

  • I know Dudley I will meet you at the Village Hotel at 7pm Saturday. Do not wear any underwear, as you will be naked 5mins later and bring your d****

  • Thank you for a wonderful evening of f****** and yes next time you can bring your friend. I'd enjoy two men f****** me

  • Same time and place tonight, my friend is eager to f*** you

  • Is he HIV+ to Our?

  • Dudley likes to s-u-c-k polyp scrapers after they are pulled out of his a-s-s.

  • F****** he'll yes yes thank you

  • Don't forget to tie your ass off to the headboard that way you can climb out when you fall in. Or if you find my jeep in there you can drive out.

  • I found your brains in there and promptly flushed them where they belong.

  • You should have kept them. You could use some brains.

  • Not the burned out ones I flushed. They were as rotten as the mope they came from.

  • Can't fix stupid. Even with rotten brains.

  • So you're forever broken? Sad.

  • Thank you guy's for making me feel good x

  • Size doesnt matter. all that matters is that you enjoy being in their comapny and you get your f*** and he gives you your o*****

  • Thank you

  • Youre welcome! did you get the f****** you were after?

  • Yes and We are meeting again this evening and he is bringing a friend

  • You're welcome, disgusting pig.

  • Thank you again, I am a disgusting pig

  • A lot of men like your body type. Im one of them. If you have a good personality and good hygiene why wouldnt they want to?

  • Thank you, I'm very hygienic

  • You probably sweat bacon grease.

  • Just like your pathetic little sausage

  • What's the matter, Size Queen?

  • I am sure you will find plenty of guys that will want to f*** you, no matter if your fat or not

  • Thank you darling

  • Anytime, ton-of-fun!

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