I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to s3x. I've only done it with my boyfriend a few times who has more experience. It's an embarrassing topic for me and I don't have anyone to talk to about it. So I'm wondering how I can give him a proper BJ without it hurting? Each time I do it I start gagging and last time it felt like I was going to throw up because he hit my uvula. Also, how do I get over my fear of him c umming in my mouth? I find it to be really gross idk why but I know it turns men on and it would arouse him. By the way my boyfriend never forces anything on me. He's very understanding and he listens when I tell him no. I just want to do pleasure him because he really is a good boyfriend and well I want to show him how much I appreciate him. I'd love to have tips. Another thing I struggle with is fitting him inside me when I decide to ride him. It makes me feel so inexperienced having him do it for me. Help please.

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  • So from I guys your teeth...use your lips and tounge slide down my c*** like a good the c*** baby

  • Tell him that you are happy giving him a b****** so long as he does the same for you. Take things slow and dont try and do what the p*** stars do straight away by deep throating him. if he loves and respects you he will work with you. take more and more of his c*** into your mouth as you get more accustomed to it. dont worry about him coming in your mouth you will get lots of notice before that.
    the fact that you say you struggle to get him inside you when you f*** sounds like he is rushing and not getting you super wet and h**** before entering you. you both need to take a breath and slow down and enjoy each others developing sexual desires. good luck and let me know how you get on

  • You still molesting children?

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  • You like preying on the kiddies too? Cool!

  • Its fantazies..

  • For you it's reality.

  • Nice and i have alot off stories also..

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  • Hand at the base is a must with learning. YOU take control if it is a b*******. He stays still and can move his hips some. Not thrust. Have him on his back or lean back in a chair. The b******* with the hands taking up most of the shaft, when you take a breath, spit on the head and stroke/hand job him until you are ready.
    If he is up and has his hands holding your head.... that's advanced oral s** and you need to be ready for the skull f***. Work on cutting back your gag reflex. Deep throat is more than most guys get. Your nose to his belly as far as possible to the root. Sucks a ball at s time then both. Make him shave and trim his bush. Tell him getting a hair in your teeth is a turnoff and you will stop.

  • You're obviously an amateur with that stupid technique.

  • Yes? An amateur. Never been paid. How about you?

  • Why don't you ask your boyfriend what he likes regarding s** and Bj's? He's the one you're in a relationship with and the man you want to satisfy sexually, so ask him.

  • He's already to aggressive. I would suspect he is young and is clueless what he is doing himself.

  • Perhaps :)

  • What ever length you can comfortably do at this time keep one hand/fingers wrapped around the shaft at that spot. Doing that will keep him from going to far in that you can handle at this time. BF sounds like he is over excited and over doing what can be done at this time.

    Him fitting inside you will come in time. Slow and easy for right now so both can enjoy. Use some good lube to help out for now. Hitting it hard right off is not going to work out for both involved.

  • Yeh baby! keep on blowin baby. I am laying down my best stuff down and you aint digging it yet so I am warming his chops up cuz we got another gig sorry baby bye bye we don't need this cuz we are waiting for the C too!

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    What a tool

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    What a paedophile.

  • Make him restrain himself and not move when you are giving him a b******, that way you can control how much of him is in your mouth so you don't gag and it doesn't hurt. Also, with regards to him fitting inside of you, get him to finger you and work up slowly to being able to comfortably fit three of his fingers inside you with them side by side (as in not in a triangle shape, but he should be able to fit three finger widths inside of you). This will make you loose enough to be able to comfortably have him inside of you.

  • I am pretty forceful when doing it with my wife. She sometimes gags and worse. We normally have a towel on the ground. Sometimes a bucket beside us. I'll force it in and she'll gag and I'll pull out and she'll vomit into the bucket. Then we can get into it with less mess.

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  • Like the way you do it to little kids?

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  • Oh, and I also like it when my dog humps me.

  • Yes love to fantazise about diffrent positions I have them in and rubb their smooth little sweet a****, little c**** and sweet hairless p***** and you know the rest..

  • Nothing wrong.with bit of fantazie..

  • Whats wrong with licking a preteen hairless p****. Tight and smooth and they love it as long as your gentle..

  • You state things like this, on most posts. It's disturbing how you throw about these particular comments about children and paedophiles, as if it's nothing. If you were a victim of child abuse, I wonder if you would be as flippant and insensitive regarding, any form of child abuse. It's also psychologically revealing in my opinion, regarding why you use these words.

  • Why are you evading the truth? Do you believe that if you ignore your addiction it will go away on its own?
    Why haven't you sought Mental Health assistance?
    The damage you've done and continue to do affects the whole community and not just the lives of your victims!

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    You need to end it!

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    Quit deflecting the truth and projecting your perversion and disgusting!
    And quit trying to accuse other people of posting all of those messages where you wetkn@outlook.comere bragging about your conquests!

  • Oh? Just because I take exception to you calling me out for what I do with MY own time I am at fault?
    Those kids received nurturing from me that they would never get at home.
    Maybe your parents ignored you too and you were never loved and shown what true love is.
    You call it paedophilia but I call it love!
    Seek help because you didn't get any love growing up.

  • Nothing wrong shown love through touching and feeling were their safe and protected..

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  • Is that the same hand you paw the. Kids with?

  • Only in my dreams..

  • Apparently this is how my partner does it:

    She gives very very wet blow jobs. Meaning she always have a mouthful of saliva. When I c** into her mouth, I am e********** into saliva. This waters down the c** and easier to tolerate.

    Hope this helps!

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