I Liked When My Cousin Touched Me

When my aunt (my moms brothers wife) died my family from out of town came. It was too expensive for a hotel so my cousin(35) and her son (15) came to spend 2 nights. I always liked him for some reason. Anyways my mom and brother was gone and my sister and his mom left to the club. So he was left to watch me. I was 12 at the time but now im 13. Anyways i started purberty at nine so i had full 34d b****** and a huge butt. My mom always tried to hide my butt butt but it stayed huge. Anyways i usally go to sleep in tight shorts in a tap top after a shower and i did that. I went to lock the door as my mom took my brother to the hospital as we both knew would take 5 hrs tops. So it was around 10 oclock at night and i havent eaten i couldnt cook anything but mashpotatoes and pancakes so i went into our guest room were he was staying and i told him i was hungry he got up and we went to the kitchen.so we had nothing to eat so i told him to walk to the store and he did. When he got back we ate the frozen pizza and takis then we watched a movie.i was sitting on the couch when he came over and pushed me over.then we started wrestling.it was fun.then we stopped bc my bra had unloosed exposing my b****** so i quickly got and ran to my room. We had just did laundry and all i jad left was a push up bra i wore it. I walked back in and he told me i had large b****** for a pre-teen. I laughed and sat down.we were talking about the movie then he came and sat close to me.i layed on him bc we had changed it to a scary movie. It was rlly scary anyways i looked up at him as the scary parts came and i saw his big eyes and white teeth that made me a little h****. So i got up and got some juice to distract me. I kinda felt something watching me so i turned around he was and he said i had a nice shape.i laughed and smiled.me being 12 i knew what he meant i was 91 lbs so i was his dream girl.he walked up to me and kissed me.i pushed him away and ran into my room i alnost died of excitement.i locked my door tgen layed in the dark until30 secs later he comes in.(he found the house key) anyways i asked him if i was pretty then he said i was his angel.then i felt him put his hand down my shorts and i just layed back. He started fingering me.it didnt hurt bc i had already masturbated b4 then i asked him to lick it and he did it felt like gold.time passed and i sucked him.he left after about an hr then i went to bed.the next morning i woke up to a txt from him saying everyone wasnt home and that his mom stayed over my sisters and would stay until10 oclock at night my mom had to stay at the hospital overnight so we'll have the house alone. I took another shower and while i was walking into my room to get dressed he was laying on my bed he told me i was his angel and i should be with him.i wanted to soo bad so i went over and let him suck me and eat me out.i told him i was a virgin and i wanted him to be my first and he was.i dont see him alot since he lives out of town but at my family reunion i saw him.I had gotten bigger b****** for idk reasons and it was a beach themed reunion.That night at his house i hooked up with him again but this time i was 13 and he was 16.I still fantasize about that night plz comment what u think of my true story


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  • Great way to lose virginity

  • Go hook up with him more!

  • Nice!

  • Thx

  • More BS!

  • True story but if u think its fake go ahead

  • So a 12 to 13 year old having s** with a 15 to 16 year old?

  • Yes i know it was very wrong

  • Just like you and your brother.

  • Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are not your strong suit. Are you 9?

  • I was typing fast and no im not i am an all a student that goes to a academy

  • Great story

  • Hmu

  • Amazing. Add me on Snapchat andyc2104

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