Seduced by girl

My girlfriend asked to practice massaging me to help her get better for her masseuse classes so I agreed. All I was given was a small towel to wear as I laid down. She started slow and steady and once I loosened up she went to my feet. Suddenly up my legs she pours warm oil and starts rubbing it in. I had to open my legs a little a the fell off. Her fingers came all the way to and up around my v*****. She worked around my crotch slowly and I can't lie it felt incredible. I wasn't surprised she got closer at this point I welcomed it. I moaned loudly as she continued. Just before I finished she stopped and rolled me over. She continued but I helped her remove her clothes as she did. She climbed on top me and lifted my own leg and wrapped her arms around so I could be fingered and rubbed. I never have felt that again

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  • Wear panties next time!!!

  • Very cute , it's sweet that you enjoyed it .

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  • Are you going to report her ? or blackmail her or just enjoy it?

  • Well, yeh there is some things a woman sexual commitment and love and sexual calm can give another woman that a man can not. I used to go to a friend for massage and she would sometimes touch around my pelvic area but not like that never sexual. but she was calming in a way that a man could not give. I have never had a sexual massage from a man, but a nice guy did do a nice glutes and lower back massage on me but not sexual felt so good however. some men think they know how to give a massage and its not even half way there like a proper massage. if only men were women first or forced to be gay for the first few sexual years and show them how up a hole feels like.

  • Women getting together for s** is very erotic.

  • Awesome!

  • Did she get to your 'snorkel'?

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