Hots for sis

Is it wrong to have feelings for your own sister she's 15 when im in the living room she lays on the floor with her legs open showing her underwear and when are mum leaves the room she pulls up her long t-shirt showing it all i told her it's not a game that just made it worst last weekend she jumped on me and pulled her T-shirt off i couldn't control myself got hard which she felt against her ass she then put her hand between my legs and started rubbing my c*** on the outside of my shorts i should of stopped her but i liked it,it happened so fast her hand went in side she even when i c** she still carried on jerking me off she got of like it was normal.


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  • By 15 you should have done her

  • I had my sister when she was 13

  • Mine was 8

  • This is normal although your sister was very forward. How far you and your sister want to go sexually is completely up to you both. I was very sexual with my sister and it was a fantastic time for both of us. Just remember to use birth control!

  • She's now on the pill.

  • No issues then. Go for it!

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