Im the other woman

Im the other woman,but it was not my intention,i was attracted to him.he was mysterious and i didnt know at first that he is married only then when i was already attached to him.
we dated for years now. and he come to travel far just to see me even for 24hours and i to him.. i love him thats all i know.. it hurts to read judgments from people who actually dont know a thing.. i never desire for this, if getting out was just easy getting in.
guilty yes i am, but what can i do im just another person who is in love at the wrong person..(crazy love)



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  • The fact that he f**** you better than her doesn't mean he loves you more.

  • If your person was already taken then it wasn't love. You know why? because if it wasn't to happen that person would've stayed single. Unfortunately, you took the step and yes, one day you'll meet the one who's meant for you and will realize the importance of falling in love.

  • If you are unhappy with your marriage, divorce your spouse. If you are single and having sexual relations with someone that is married stop. Those that participate in spousal infidelity cause, more pain than they can probably understand. I encourage you to read:

    If you are the victim of infidelity I encourage you to read:

  • Has he indicated that he would consider leaving his wife for you? Or has he actually promised to do that? Doesn't he seem more in love with you than his wife? Doesn't he treat you better than her, like buying you nicer Christmas and birthday and Valentines presents?

  • An affair can be the most delicious type of relationship you can have, especially if you're a woman and you know the wife of your affair partner. I've done that twice in my life, once with the husband of a woman I was a bridesmaid for (but not maid of honor): that gave me the most pure pleasure I've ever known. It lasted for years and years, and the stupid b**** never knew.

  • ..... same for me...... and i had a child for the other womans husband during the affair....... my husband assumed he was the father.......still does...... that was the sexiest relationship ive ever been involved in..... and it was BY FAR the best s** i ever got..........or gave........... and it was the happiest ive ever been in my entire life...... and its still a wonderful secret that the childs father and i share together..... he and i are the only ones in the world who know the secret................and the child thinks my husband is his father.....

  • If you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you really love him -- not just that you "love" him -- then don't beat yourself up over having this relationship, even though you may have been raised to believe it's wrong. It's not wrong, just unconventional. There's not enough real love in the world, so finding and growing it can't be wrong. On the other hand, if you're simply in this relationship because it's convenient, and easy, and requires little of the effort a marriage requires, and nobody challenges your use of the word "love" in describing it, or because you're afraid of the rejection you might encounter in trying a more-conventional relationship, then you should get out now, because the ending of this one will be far more devastating to you than the ending of a marriage. Believe me, I know the terrain, and I am speaking from experience: I've been where you are. Please be honest with yourself in evaluating this connection and the feelings you have for this man. If you can't manage that, then go speak with a professional therapist (get recommendations from friends) and figure out where you are, where you're headed with the man, and where you really want to go.

  • Sigh..thanks

  • Your married in legal terms only. Your room mates that share kids and a roof.

  • I'm a married man. Not a happily married man. For years I struggled trying to work out why my wife always busy. No romance. What's wrong with me. Do I smell? Am I socially ugly. I went to personal development courses and psychologists. I got depressed.

    One day I met this lady in a coffee shop. Just while waiting for my coffee. Then another time maybe a month later. This went on for a while. We'd chat. I'd sometimes talk about my lonliness in marriage. One day I asked if she would like to trade phone numbers so we could text each other to meet for coffee. So we did. Gradually it developed.

    We had some wonderful exciting intimate times together. Holding hands walking around art galleries. Holding hands in a movie. Coffee after discussing ideas about the art or the movie. Things my wife would never do.

    It made me feel alive.
    Human again.

    So she is the other woman.

    My wife has pushed me away.
    Im stuck though. I do love my wife. Illogical as that may be. The only real practical reason I stay is because of the kids. But it's a lonely life lying here in bed with her (wife) asleep beside me. No snuggle. No cuddle. No kiss. Just her breathing. Rhythmic. In out pause. In out pause.facing away from me as usual.

  • He felt the same way.. i pushed him so many times,even tempt him to hate me in order to end this mess..but seeing him breaking apart,it breaks my heart too.. so, i reject anyones judgment..anyway its mine to deal in the end..(sigh)

  • You are a side piece, and will always be one, until you develop some self-respect and demand more from your so-called partner.

  • Such trashy behavior

  • I think i already did..(sigh)
    what will i do..i cant let him go not
    now that his losing confidence in everything..he depends so much on me..i cant bring him down..not this time.

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