Who should be expected to live like this?

Love my pets but sometimes it just feels like abuse back from them. what about my health and wants and dreams and my belly needs fixing, and want about my waterworks that doctors neglect? i have jock itch that comes and goes. right now its bad again. i think the fungus gets in the clothing and re-infects. underwear is the problem. I feel like having a burning bonfire of underpants. then i use cream and a flea bag cat who ran away from me giving her flea control comes in and all i can feel is fleas up my wet crutch. the cat ** over the bed again. what's new. the time is coming for these cats to be out in an enclosure and learn there place in this world because I can't keep cleaning up ** and ** like this. its too much on me and everyone. its ok for the vets to expect this or that. but Its moments like this morning when all this is going down. another cat is constantly screaming for food. and another ** over clothing, in handbags and shoes, while the other ** over the bed we are supposed to sleep in. I tell you how much unhygienic ** is a person supposed to tolerate? !!! the other one does runny ** everywhere as he can't digest foods well and won't allow me to put a pill in his gob for worming, the best I can do is put the flea control on his back and he runs off. how do you control a cat with incontinence ** over the place your supposed to sleep in. I never thought my life would come to this ** hovel squaller and people think I should be happy as on easy street about life, with no job, no friends and no man. well excuse the ** drudge out of me, cuz I aint no devils slob. I really should make the ** devil live in this. let it sleep in **. I got to get this cat enclosure asap, that will shock that ** on the bed cats pissbreaks. I hate this house and want a posh new one anyway. and where ever they don't ** my parents or sister ** and wreck stuff and can't wipe their own ** properly I find used toilet paper over the toilet floor from them ** stinkers.

Dec 16, 2017

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  • The cat's are ** and ** cause they are stressed. Keep one cat, see how it relaxes. Your cats are fighting for their own space.

  • 1. Invest in a good washer/dryer to keep clean clothes
    2. If you don't like the cat, find he/she a good home
    3. Get yourself some therapy. You are off the rails.
    4. Get help for all of the things that you haven't mentioned. Sounds like plenty.

  • After careful thought, I think I have the answer you seek. You I think already know it. It's someone else's fault. Every single problem you describe and those yet to be realised are someone else's fault. If you sit around and do nothing eventually someone will fix it all up. Just for you.

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