** myself while I was on my period

I had a competition in another country and I was staying there for 2 days so I booked a hotel room for 2 days with me and my dad. The next morning my dad woke up before me so he went to take a shower. I woke up 5 minutes later so he was still in the shower. I'm one of those people who really have to take a ** in the morning so I was patiently waiting for him to get out so I could use the toilet.

Minutes pass by and I'm starting to feel my bladder going out of control. I'm not even joking, I was literally running around the hotel room to stop it from coming out. Keep in mind that I was on my period and when I pee, it's like ** blood. So I'm doing everything I could possibly do to keep it from coming out. Soon enough, I really couldn't take it. I literally ** in the hotel bin BUT being my stupid self I didn't have enough time to take of my pants so ** and blood was getting collected in my pad and sweatpants and it was also running down my leg. It was so ** gross.

Remember how I told you that I was only staying in that country for 2 days? Yeah well I only brought two pants. Jeans and sweatpants. I already ** my sweatpants so I had to get into my ** jeans while my lower half was covered in blood. I could still hear the shower running so I had enough time to sort of clean my mess. I took off my blood covered sweatpants and I shoved it in my bag and I squeezed my body into the jeans. This is where it goes wrong again.

I didn't change my pad and I didn't even dry myself off. You see, I get really stupid when I start to panic. So, after ** all over myself I just carry on doing day to day stuff. So I sat down on a chair and went on my phone. Soon my dad comes out of the shower and he comes over to my area and he says "Do you smell that?" Ofcourse I play stupid and say no and he goes to the rubbish bin and he could see liquid in it and he just threw the trash away. I decided to go take a shower because I felt like absolute ** but when I stood up and looked at my chair, there was blood on it. I ** freaked and just hid the chair under the table and I ran into the bathroom and looked at my **. There was a HUGE blood patch right in the centre of my ** ** and there was also a small patch on my thigh area. So I took everything off and just took a relaxing shower. After that I soaked my DENIM jeans and you know how long that takes to ** dry?! Anyway I was trying to wash it out but good Ol' denim jeans don't like to get rid of blood so easily. I tried my best to get it off but it was still so noticeable and it was ** soaked now.

I had to ** wear them because those were the only jeans I had left. So I had to slip myself into gross, soggy jeans that has a blood patch on the ** area. and I just made and excuse to my dad saying "I accidentally stood all over it when I came out of the shower." But thankfully I had a shirt that could cover up my ** but I had to pull it down for the whole entire day. This was probably the worst day of my life.

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  • Next time just go in the bathroom and ** with your dad there. A few years ago he was changing your diapers. No need to be so modest.

  • Being a woman can be a pain in the ** for sure - hotels have other bathrooms usually by the lobby!
    Next time carry baby wipes they clean really well without the soaking

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