I’m going to commit suicide if my life carries on. I see that how I go. Death by suicide

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  • You're stronger then that. Suicide isn't going to solve anything. And it will only hurt those who are left behind. Talk to someone, anyone.. I survived a lifetime of molestation, rape and abuse by my own parents and thought about ended my misery by killing myself. But I came across someone that knew nothing a out me that listened to me and talked to me about my past and my emotional trauma. It helped to talk about things and it made me realize I was a survivor, not a victim anymore. Stay with us. Hugs.

  • You'll use an electric razer to cut your throat and a rubber knife to cut your wrists.

  • I bet you can't do it! Do it and come back and tell us you did!

  • I will too. I need to know a sure way that it will work. I don't want to end up half dead on life support as a vegetable

  • Don't Go for long walk I mean long walk take a book just chill thing will get better beleave me *hug*

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