Cutting again, I feel horrible

My life has been going down hill lately. A recent break up, and nobody caring for me has pushed me back over the edge. I recently started cutting again to try and take the pain away. No one knows, but they wouldn't care anyways. Cutting is second best to suicide, and they only reason i do not commit suicide is a promise I made to a friend, before she killed herself. I just feel alone and like a horrible person.

Jun 27, 2014

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  • Wanderer wanderer to where shall we go?
    I'm wandering too, here all alone.
    Peace is unattainable, sleep a no show
    Oh happy days, where did you go?
    Pain and anger, hurt and hurt
    Make it stop- so I cut, there's always worse
    And I stay in the darkness, for here I hurt less
    Than to get my hopes up, in the days of brightness
    Wanderer wanderer, here we shall be
    It seems like we're wandering
    In eternity.

    I know it hurts. And that's OK. Because there's nothing wrong with hurting. I;m hurting too.

  • Don't put marks on your body because you feel like killing yourself. People who cut themselves look for attention. Not saying you are, but I could be wrong. You should really look into going to therapy and talking to someone about what's going on, exspecially the situation your in. You never make a promise to someone saying you won't kill yourself, because promises do get broke and uaually the people who make those promises, are the ones who end up breaking them. You never make promises about not killing yourself to your best friend, who ended up doing it herself, because usually people who make those kinds of promises, they lose someone they are close to, for example your best friend, and you could can get really depressed and have suicidal thoughts which you have mentioned in your confession, and you can end up ending your life. You don't want to end your life over a loss of your best friend. I have lost someone who was close to me, who ended up killing herself with a seatbelt in her closet, and i never thought of killing myself knowing that I would end up putting family in a situaton where they wouldn't want to be.You don't want to put yourself or your family in a situation where they will have to live with the fact that their daughter killed herself. Just please i'm begging you to go to therapy and try to fix this. It's worth it. I promise you. You can stick through this i know you can. You can do it. I have faith in you and I know your stronger then this to not let yourself go so early. It's not time to let your wings out and fly. Not yet.

  • Cutting....sheesh.

    You f****** idiot. I bet you live with your parents in an upper-middle class house in your own room. I lived on the street for two years, and I never thought about hurting myself. I bounced back and now own my own business. Stop whining...the world needs less people like you. Next time you cut (sic) start behind your right ear and go to your clavacle. That should do you in. Or, get your s*** together and learn what's good about your life. Do people love you? Sure they do. Tighten up kid...

  • Do you know what it feels like to be depresses? To be surrounded by nothing more than darkness? To have it weigh you down every single moment of the day? It's a burden, and many struggle.

  • Many people know what it's like to be "depresses," you precious little thing. Why do you think antidepressants are the most prescribed drug in the world? And they aren't prescribed to everyone who needs them, for one reason or another. About 99% of the people in any room you can think of is having "many struggle", and wow! Not every single one of them is all "LOOK at my PAAAAAIN, ohgod I'm such a sensitive creature, LOOK LOOK LOOOK!!!!"

    So yeah, OP needs to slash a lot deeper or STFU. And you need to learn basic English.

  • This is honestly something you should never say to someone who is going through a hard time in life. A******.

  • Agreed

  • You are in control of your own happiness. No one is going to make you happy, but you. I'm sorry, you're going through such a hard time. Heart breaks are never easy, but they are also not the end of the world. For whatever reason, the relationship did not work out look at it as a blessing. It just means there is some one out there that is better waiting for you to enter his life. And people do care about you, you're just depressed and it's hard to look beyond what you're going though. The best way to get over a heart break is to keep yourself busy. Get outside and go for a walk, call a friend, watch a funny movie..don't cut or dwell. And most importantly you need to start with really caring for yourself. Because we really are the most responsible for our own health, happiness and livelihood. As challenging as it may be, turn the negatives into positives. I know it's not easy, but you have to start somewhere. It's okay to be alone or feel lonely sometimes, it honestly will not kill you. And you won't be alone forever. Soon, you'll be wondering what what'shisname was... Speak to a therapist is definitely something you should look into.

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