I cuss in my room

F***, s***, what the h***, you are being such a f*****, this is what happens in my room.

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  • Remember this and it may save your job. Using profanity is grounds for dismissal with most companies. So save your job by not using cuss words.

  • You can abuse me as much as you can i am use to it ,music to my years

  • Hope your ok huggs....

  • No..I am done with life but don't have guts to end it. Thank you

  • Watch where you cuss. I got fired for cussing.

  • You cuss bcuz you are mentality stressed by some problem and can't solve it so frustration come out this way. You need to find a nice lonely place and meditate

  • Or m*********

  • Tourette syndrome?

  • Tourette's syndrome is not controllable. The title of the post ought to have made that clear to you. The OP is able to control and confine where the cussing occurs, i.e his/her room. Please keep your misinformed theoretical quackery to yourself.

  • That’s the devil speaking. Surhdlsuydjdkcjdbjdjcj and that’s the lord speaking through me. Makes sense now doesn’t it?

  • I find that my tendency to 'speak in tongues' is proportionate to my alcoholic intake.

  • It's good to release pent up frustration.

  • How old are you.

  • ......it only happens because you're such an a******...…….

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