I cuss in my room

F***, s***, what the h***, you are being such a f*****, this is what happens in my room.

Oct 26, 2018

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  • Remember this and it may save your job. Using profanity is grounds for dismissal with most companies. So save your job by not using cuss words.

  • You can abuse me as much as you can i am use to it ,music to my years

  • Hope your ok huggs....

  • No..I am done with life but don't have guts to end it. Thank you

  • Watch where you cuss. I got fired for cussing.

  • You cuss bcuz you are mentality stressed by some problem and can't solve it so frustration come out this way. You need to find a nice lonely place and meditate

  • That’s the devil speaking. Surhdlsuydjdkcjdbjdjcj and that’s the lord speaking through me. Makes sense now doesn’t it?

  • How old are you.

  • ......it only happens because you're such an a******...…….

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