Got pounded by my gf's new fling

I work swing shift, and my gf works days, so it's sometimes tough to meet up and do things together. The other day she said she was going to stop by a friend's party for a quick courtesy visit, but that she'd try to leave before I got off work.

Towards the end of my shift, I got a text from a friend who was at the same party as my gf. He said she was making out with some other dude. I texted back "wtf" and said I'd be over asap. I was feeling pure rage.

I get to the party and she was lying on her back on a table, legs splayed, getting drilled in the you know where by some big, muscular dude. I yelled "What the f*** is going on here?" and the guy replied, "Dude, I'm trying to give your girl my nut. Can you leave until we're finished?" He didn't even stop thrusting into my gf when he said it, though my gf looked freaked that I showed up and seemed to try to detach from him.

I ran up to the guy and swung at him, but he ducked and pounded me on the side of my head, and then followed up with a hard punch in the nose, which had me bleeding everywhere. I thought my nose was broken, as the pain was immense. I collapsed into a heap and he kicked me in the ribs a few times. Thankfully he didn't have shoes on. Of course, he also wasn't wearing pants.

A few people at the party broke up the fight and others just stood around laughing. I picked myself off of the floor and my gf started crying her eyes out, saying she was sorry and stuff. I went home, and she offered to come with me, but I said I needed time alone. I'm ignoring her calls because I'm so physically and emotionally bruised that I'm unable to leave the house. This is the worst thing ever. 2017 sucks.

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  • She’s probably f****** many other guys.
    She sounds like she enjoys getting pounded roughly than what she’s getting from you. One of the reasons girls cheat is for the deep satisfying pounding guys other than her man can give her. My friend got divorced cause he found out she was cheating. She said their s** was dull

  • Listen to me. Ignore her for a while BUT meanwhile hit the GYM trust me. Start working out get a body that all the girls want. Then that b**** will be gobbling on your b****. Just f*** her dont be emotionally attached to her.

  • Get rid of her. She is garbage. So many women like that, unfortunately.

  • You should be proud that you have a girlfriend who is that sexy, and who is bold enough to f*** a stranger in front of a room full of people. You are lucky. Act like it.

  • That is one sad story.

  • That is one bullshit story.

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