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All u guys are dumbasses. Why the f*** would u go to this site if u think that this type of s*** is sick. I'm not saying I raped my family in their sleep but I think it's better than f****** a animal. All of u need to shut the f*** up because I'm pretty sure that "dude f****** his mom or dude f****** his sister" doesn't just pop up on the computer screen unless ur j********** to people f****** sleeping people in their family. F*** all of u . If u don't wanna see this s*** leave. Simpleas that. I labeled this as school because I just schooled u.

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  • I not on here to judge only to see if i can help.

  • Oh and to you who got raped 9 years ago.
    I suggest you get a consular.
    Doing EMDR, may help.
    Being raped is nothing to take lightly and killing yourself should not be an option.
    Killing yourself, is letting the person that raped you win.
    You MUST stay strong no matter what.
    Don't let them win!
    You owe it to yourself to keep going.
    There are may wonders in the world you should see for yourself.

    I think I see your point.
    And you can f*** off.
    These people need and are searching for help.
    SO shut the f*** up.

  • Um I don't think your very clear on your argument.
    If I do think I'm thinking what you are thinking.
    I agree totally.

  • "I'm not saying I raped my family in their sleep but I think it's better than f****** a animal."

    It depends on what type animal. Take sheep, for instance, better than s******* a woman. No lie, mate.

  • Raped...trying to forget but the memory keeps finding its way back to me. Its been 9 years. I'm only 15. You figure it out. Nobody knows...tried so many times to tell you but you just ignore me...say im just a dramatic teenager...I think im going to kill myself.

  • I did a Google search for "girls how f*** their dogs, dads and brothers" and I got this s***** post? What the f***!?

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