Fantasies of reverge

When i was 13 some kids laugh at me especially a boy a year younger than me . I am a quiet and peacefull person so i didn't even replying to them . But an anger grew inside me so much that i wanted to kill them all . I was mad with my parents too because they did not support me . So i found a solution to calm my anger . I was fantasizing that i was torturing them . I tied their necks , arms and legs and hit them with a whip . And the boy he was laughing at me the most i fantasize that i hit him h****** his head and he fell down insensible then i tied him and dressing him like a girl and put make up on his face and when he woke up i was hitting him and i demanded to say out loud that he liked to get f***** from behind . Then i took video of him and publish it on internet to humiliated him and everyone would laugh at him and then with an ironic smile i killed him with a gun . In my another fantasy i tied the teachers too and all the kids that laughed at me and i burned the school so the fire would burn them alive . I enjoyed so much these fantasies . And from now on when i feel angry to someone i fantasize i murder him/her. .



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  • I fantasize about being tortured by pretty girls


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  • Oh you are consumed. Maybe build a bridge and get over it.

  • But how i can dissapear all of this anger ?

  • Part of the anger will stay as you go through puberty. Seriously. You have emotions that the endocrine system manipulates your mood and energy.

    Get as much sleep as you can. Veggies and protein. Go crazy for those. See if you can take vitamins and omega 3 boosters. The omega 3 fish oils will take a week and a half to work but when it does, math becomes easier and your mood is calmer.

    My 11 year old daughter did some for awhile. I saw the changes.

  • Your daughter sounds like she could do with a good panties down smacked a***. Is she spoilt like most kids these days.

  • You're an oxygen thief

  • Thank you so much !

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