Wife Peg

Several days ago I first told about my wife's induction into s** with other men while married to me.
First off Peg is a very pretty and tiny Asian woman that immigrated here as a child from a war torn Viet Nam with her parents. She has a Vietnamese name but while in grade school chose the name Peggy for her friends and it is the name she now prefers.
She is 5 foot even with 34 B-cup b****** weighs about 97 pounds and her ass unlike most Asians is well formed with a bitable ass cheeks.
Early in our marriage we were very sexual and Peg had only had one lover besides me but was off the wall curious and while she was pregnant she let me talk her into giving a friend some head then after our daughter was born she let herself be picked up in bars and went home with the guy and later told me about it . ( this was planned with both of us agreeing to the rules because she wouldn't do that with me watching)
Then for some reason she just stopped saying she was married with a child and it just wasn't right.
I tried many times to get her to repeat it so I could watch but no way would she reconsider then until our daughter began dating in high school and Peg discovered one day signs that Amy was having s** with traces of sperm in her panty's Peg at first reacted violently and I took a day off to cool her down before she confronted our daughter.
After some counseling we started Amy on birth control and Peg did a turn around now she became kind of envious of our daughter and with every date Amy was on Peg would pace the floor talking about haw she wished she could have been able to experiment like Amy was doing so once again I began trying to get her to get laid while I watched and she leaves answered maybe after she leaves home.
Well Amy was a good student carrying a 3.9 average and was accepted at USC so like dutiful parents we made a trip down there to see her dormitory and the school layout Amy was very excited to leave the nest and Peg and I decided to treat ourselves with a cruise.
Princess cruise lines has a ship called the Grand Princess and it is docked in San Francisco so we checked out where it goes and it has trips to Alaska, Mexico, and 15 day cruise to Hawaii.

We chose the 15 day cruise to Hawaii and bought inside rooms because they were cheaper and with a daughter in college we were on a budget and it was a whirlwind of excitement and I completely forgot about my fantasy's until the ship was underway and we were going under the Golden Gate bridge.
The upper deck was crowded with people everyone taking pictures of the underside of the bridge and I looked around ne. Hundreds of people were laughing and talking and it struck me that this would be the ideal place for her to find a guy and I whispered in her ear babe we will probably never see any of these people after we leave the ship .
We could make this a very special trip and she cuddled back against me but didn't answer I held her tight and whispered think about it huh and she nodded her head in silence.
Four days at see and we walked all over it from deck to deck and end to end having a ball then on Hilo the big Island we had not bought any excursions because they were all to expensive but we went ashore just to walk around and take pictures.
There were busses ,Vans and huge crowds of people milling around on the docks so Peg and I stood to one side taking it all in like first time tourists snapping selfies of ourselves with the ship as a background until this one guy offered to take some pics of us and we complied. We thanked him and we introduced ourselves then he asked if we wanted to share costs on a Van to tour the Island but with only three of us renting a 9 passenger van it was still to expensive so we opted for the Shuttle for $25.00 apiece and we spent the day being dropped off at different places so we could get pictures to send home and Peg and John hit it off very well.
John had on these silly cargo pants that had his pockets filled with all kinds of crap and he looked pretty funny but he had been on several cruises so far and Peg was picking his brain and they laughed and talked walking side by side and I followed behind being ignored but I was wondering just where this might take us.
John was not a bad looking guy and he was interesting to talk to and sometimes I was even welcomed into there conversations.
One time Peg turned to me and said John wants us to have dinner with him in the main dineing room tonight hon I agreed OK? and turned back to him not waiting for a reply
That evening as Peg was taking a shower it was so small two people couldent shower together I was sitting on the stool talking to her and I was a little p***** at being ignored all tan and in spite I asked are you going to f*** him and make me wait again and Peg was silent for a moment then she said of course not honhe is just a nice guy and interesting to talk to.
Waiting out side of the Michael
Angelo dineing room Peg was looking around nervously as we waited for John but he showed up on time and we were placed at a big table wit two other couples and we all srtarted getting aquainted.
John had shown up in a powder blue Blazer and slacks and I had to admit hi looked good and Peg had complimented him also .
John insisted on buying us a glass of wine with diunner and usually Peg refused alcohol in any form but she accepted hers and sipped it daintily and by the time half of it wass gone her cheeks were flushed pink and she was laughing at anything we said.
The other coupels got a big kick of of her and kidded her about being a cheap drunk '
after dinned I had to take a leak and when I returned Peg had a second glass of wine in her hand and when I looked sideways at her she returned my glance with a defiant look of her own she was getting pretty tipsy so instead of going to the princess theatre like we had planned John asked us if we wanted to see his ocean side room with a balcony and Peg eagerly accepted .
Peg was a little unsteady on her feet and the ship was rolling a little so Jon took one arn and I took the other one as we made our way to the elavator wit Peg laughing all the way.
John,s room was on the same deck as ours just farther forward so we walked down the narrow halway steading my wife between us then John opened his door and we went in.
Peg was amazed at the size of it and the balcony open to the see she OOoooed and awaaaaed walking around looking it over then went out to the balcony in surprise
His room had a queen sized bed and ours was just a full sized bed and only a place really to sleep in .
John handed Peg another glass of wine and offered me a beer and we talked reliving the day until John had to take a leak and Peg has sat her drink on the desk and was looking out at the sea . I walked up behind her and put my arme around her cupping her b****** in my hands and she giggled rubbing her cute ass against me.
I ran my hands under her blouse and fondeled her b****** again and she said stop hon John can come back in anytime.
I whispered I am going to let him f*** you hon and her body stiffened anf her breath became harsh as The bathroom door opened and John came in.
I turned still holding Peg until I faced him and he could see my hands cupping her b****** .
I slowly pulled her blouse up and Peg raised her arms as I pulled the blous over her head baring her b****** for Jhn.
He stood there mouth open looking at her b****** hungerly and Pegs nippled were hard little pebbles .
I asid for years now I have tried to get Peg to have s** with a guy so I could watch and she likes you if you want to be the guy.
A huge gasp of air exploded out of his mouth and in two steps he was looking at his hands mauling het breaststhen he leaned over sucking one of her nipples into his mouth greedily and Peg gasped grabbing ythe back of his head and pulling him tight against her as he suckec noisily on her nipple and backed her up to the bed.
Peg fell fback on the bedand John pudhjed his pants to his knees and pulled her skirt up so he could get at her p**** and Peg reached down frantically pulling her pantys to one side then John was in her f****** like a demented child .
This was just pure l*** in annimal form John still had his shirt on and his pants were around his knees and Pegs dress was up around her waist .
Peg,s hair was hanging in her face and Joun,s head was beside hers on the pillow as his hips rose and fell between her legs with his hairy ass pumping like a piston so I moved to the foot of the bed and I could see his c*** burried in her p**** and his b**** were dancing lik mad as his thrusts and her and his gasps of pleasure filled the room .
The skmell of her excited p**** and his musky aroma was intoxacating and I felt light headed watching them mate then all to soon John cried out and Peg yelled I,m c****** her legs wrapped around his waist nos as John drove her into the matress grunting like a pig then the smell of ther s** became very heave and I could almost taste it as Johns hips began to move in spastic jerks and he grunted again.
Then they lay there both of them gasping for breath and Peg laughing breathlessly as his c*** lost it,s strength .
I was surprised at my wife toough after they came down from their orgasmd she rolled him onto hes back and sucked his c*** trying to get him hars agan but failed so she mounted him and worked his sofr c*** into her again then fingered herself for a short time until she came again.
Later they undressed and had s** a second time as I watched but even though I couldent see much when they did it with theirclothes still on thet was the best memory.
They got it on for the rest of the criuse many times if you are interested and on the last day Peg screwed her Zumba instructor.


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  • I don't get it. How does some random dude s******* your wife turn you on?

    This world is coming to an end.

  • Peg??? Lol

  • How would I be able to post some pictures of her on here?

  • If you want you can send it to my email, willc5408@gmail.com

  • You can’t.

  • Did you enjoy it?

  • Yes, it was great

  • I also have a Vietnamese wife and I recently got her to f*** an old guy.

  • I love h**** wife. Well done on training her.

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