We had for some time been talking about my wife trying a big c*** but she is very small so we haven't done it yet but we have entered into actually talking to well hung guys that advertise and have sent pictures of her nude and and hinting at a meeting but did not carry through with it for awhile then we talked it over and she agreed to meet the guy but give a reason she couldn't do it and if she had to she would jack the guy off then we could hurry home and have some great s**.
Well we met with three guys and they were all understanding about it and only one guy had her jack him off and Peg really had fun doing it and we always had mind bending s** afterwards until we met De Sean an ex football player that was on the verge of being drafted into the NFL until he blew his knee out.
We met him online and traded pictures and his c*** looked huge and Peg laughed saying no way ....no f****** way am I going to let this guy stick that thing in me but we texted him several times talking about a meet and he seamed to be an alright guy so Peg agreed to meet him and tease him with her Wiley woman ways but stop short as soon as he showed her his c***.
It had worked so well in the past we were looking forward to the meet and we were in a festive mood when we parked in front of the Motel room he had rented and we went upstairs laughing together like school kids doing something we shouldn't do.
De Sean opened the door for and my god he was huge maybe 6 Ft 7 or so and he still looked in good enough shape to still be playing football except for the misshapen left knee.
He was wearing tight cutoff shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt that exposed massive muscles on his chest and a very firm 6 pac well formed above his pelvis.
Peg glanced down at his crotch then did a second glance saying my god Jim check that out pointing at his d*** and it was a full package for sure hidden underneath his shorts.
De Sean laughed looking my wife over and said lets sit and talk for a few minutes OK and I pulled up the only chair and Peg perched on the edge of the bed beside De Sean like a Bird ready to take flight glancing nervously at his crotch from time to time as we started to laugh and talk using a lot of sexual innuendo and Peg started to enjoy herself and joined in flirting with him outrageously knowing that as soon as he showed us his c*** she would make excuses of being afraid of it and offer to jack him off and we would go home and f*** our brains out. De Sean reached over taking her hand and placing it on his bulge and Pegs eyes opened wide and she caught her breath as he moved her hand up and back on his c*** and I watched his c*** swell and grow to its full length and when he released her wrist her hand still stroked him as though it had its own mind as De Sean smiled at me and said I think she likes it.
Peg said in an unsteady voice I want to see it and Se Sean stood looking down at her and pushed his short cutoffs over his hips and his c*** was so long that it just hung there between his legs completely hard but to heavy to stand erect Pegs hand flew to her mouth her eyes wide and gasped my f****** god then just sat there openmouthed in surprise.
His c*** must have been a full 12 inches and as thick as my wife's wrist but the head of his c*** was small not much bigger than mine and looked kind of out of place on that monster c***.
Peg started to make excuses right away saying no way my god no way shaking her head from side to side as De Sean looked on and his polite smile turned cruel when he looked over at me and said I know what you two are up to and you aren't going to get away with it.
I have been doing this for years and had this happen before a white man and woman meet some well hung black man then get him to show them his c*** and then the wife chickens out and they drive away laughing at the black guy they left standing there with a Hardon.
Well Peg you are going to suck this bobbing his c*** in her face and then I am going to f*** your tight p**** and send you home dripping my c** out of your t*** .
Just sit there I want to show you something then we can get on with it.
Things had happened so fast I was caught off guard but I showed him my cell phone and said forget it ot I will call the cops but he laughed as he livked up his briefcase and tossed the contents on the bed and said call them after you read these and stepped in front of my wife afain slapping her cheekds gently with the head of his c*** as I looked through the

texts we had sent him with my wife openly teasing him and telling him how much she wanted to feel his big c*** inside of her and then the nude pictures of her that she had sent him as De Sean laughed and said take me to court Jim I would love to point all this out read the last one where you ask me to rent a motel room for the meeting then he stepped back and said show Peg now and Peg looked them over and started crying begging him to let her just jack him off but now there was no mister nice guy as he stepped in front of Peg pointing his c*** at her mouth and said suck it b**** grabbing the back of her head and forcing his c*** head against her teeth as she looked over at me pleading with her eyes as he tried to force his c*** into her mouth then with thumb and forefinger he pressed the hinge of her jaw and her mouth was forced open and his c*** head slipped out pf sight into her mouth and Peg gagged as he forced her mouth open her lips stretched to the max to accommodate his thick shaft as Peg tried to get away struggling helplessly as he looked down at her lips and his hips began to undulate as he looked over at me and said so whitey what do you think of your sweet wife now that she has my black d*** in her mouth he grinned at me then said I wont last long Jim then I am going to make your wife swallow mu c** dude hey I thing you like this and I felt my face flush as I realized that my c*** was clearly outlined in my pants to. He said not to worry I'm almost there as he closed his eyes tight and arched his back saying suck me good b**** suck me good as saliva was hanging I'm long strands from her chin swinging wildly with his thrusts as his c*** slid in and out of her mouth then he grunted and pulled her tight and her eyes were open wide as his c*** erupted in her mouth to his loud AAAHHHHHH.
Peg sat there staring at his belly button gulping helplessly her hands flat against his belly as she swallowed his c** .
He only had at most 3 maybe for inches of his c*** in her mouth but it looked like she was trying to swallow it.
Then he shoved her back on the bed and like a rag doll he rolled her onto her belly and pushed her skirt up and literally ripped her panty's off of her tossing them to me and the crotch of her panty's were soaked as He kicked her feet apart with his c*** still semi hard then with one hand flat on her back holding her there he guided his c*** to her p**** and began to rub it up and down between her p**** lips murmuring to himself oh yea oh yea she's ready alright then he placed his finger on top of his c*** head and with a lurch several inches of his c*** slipped into her as she squealed and bucked underneath him as he laughed Slapping her on the ass bad girl Peg I bet you will think twice before doing this again and looked over at me and said but I think you like it huh Lim as my face flushed in shame as I stood there watching him work his c*** into my wife as she struggled beneath him.
He said by damn she has one tight p**** but I will loosen her up for you don't worry as his c*** slowly disappeared into her.
Then he stopped and said I am going to raise her up a little Jim shove one of those pillows under her belly please and I found myself doing it then he raised her up higher and I worked the second pillow under her.
Peg was panting and cursing me with every breath but I was turned on and I wanted to watch him f*** her now .
His whole c*** was now out of site but it was soft to so he stood there now able to stand without bending his knees and poor Peg's feet were about 6 inches off the floor and she was still an mad as a hornet cursing both of us as he and I talked and he said sometimes I get hard a second time this way and it feels great to get hard in such a tight p**** like Peg and and said I love to have white men watch me f*** their wives I guess maybe because my ancestors were slaves and it p***** me off thinking of some white guy maybe f****** some of my family line and we talked about that and now Peg was silent I guessed she was resigned to just having to get through it until I heard her moan softly then I noticed that her arm was moving and De Sean said hey shed finger f****** herself and we both stood there him with his soft d*** in her and me watching as Peg managed to get herself of and while she was cummings De Sean helped by striking slowly in and out as she came then we both laughed and Peg even joined in .
and by then De Sean's c*** was getting hard and he slowly f***** her until his c*** became hard and then he could only ger about 8 inckhes of his c*** in her as he f***** her with Pegs feet dancing in the air 6 inched off the floor .
Peg came twice more before he came a second time then we sat and talked for awhile and Peg kissed him goodbye and we drove home with Pegs lighe sweater tucked under her catching his sperm as it leaked out of her well f***** p****.
For almost a week she complained about being sore .


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  • That was a first for us but we both later admitted that it was very erotic.
    Peg is a shared wife and we do share her whenever the mood strikes but that was the first time I really felt like a cuckold.

  • Wow I couldn't think about this with my girl even though I know she would love it after he got it in she would never like my 7 inch c*** it is a hot story though

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