When i love someone

I am not proud of this but when i fall in love with someone i let him to behave badly towards me .
When this happens it is not that i get mad but i choose to not react .
I start to like it . If the one i fall in love hit me or humiliate me i will not get angry at all . On sex i would let him do anything he wants . I would let him to sit on my face , deep on my face , to fart on me , to pee on me , to spit on me , to pull my hair , to tie me and fuck me whenever he wants and make me his slut . If he wanted sex he would not ask me if i wanted, he would just say ''i want sex , get undressed now''. When i wanted sex i would ask him and please him but if he didn't want, then i would accept it . I would kiss his feet whenever he wants . I would let him to sit on me while i walk like his puppy and at the same time hit my butt . I would let him dress me like a whore or with a manly suit . I would let him to put chocolate and candy on me or i would like to put chocolate on his penis or on his butt so i can lick both . I would like it if he put his underwears on my face so i can sniff them and lick them . The underwears would be worn of course . I fantasize like he is my magnificent king and i am his humble servant . I fantasize that he wears king's clothes and a crown (which i bought for him) sitting on his throne with open legs and down it would be me sucking and licking his penis .
I am embarrased and i feel guilty for those i wrote .
But the good news is that i haven't fall in love with anyone over 6 years .
I wonder if i fall in love someday who would be to do these stuff to me .

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