Just something I want to say.

I'm 26 and I can't love anyone I just don't care at times anymore. A dog shows more love then a human. I've got no job, I'm broke, I'm living with my mother and her damn boyfriend. I need to get out of this place. I'm always embarrassed because I'm bisexual.. S***. I'm tired of this crap I wanted to join the Army but I don't even have a ged. The time for change is now. It's 2018, I just don't know where to begin. If anyone knows of a good job where I start to earn a little money please let me know! I would get a job at a mcdonalds or even as a dishwasher but I have serious anxiety issues. That is why I don't work and am always locked in this room. I've noticed my moms "friend, is not liking that I'm here paying no rent and eating for free. I can't blame him. All my friends have moved on and I'm glad for them. I'm the only one that hasn't done s*** in his life. I have a daughter but I rarely see her when I don't have anything to offer it's like she doesn't exist to me. What do I do? I'm lost and I never ask for help but I need advice. I don't know what else write but thank you for reading my post I guess. I had more written down but accidentally deleted it.

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  • Please read comnent above that i posted. You can change by takeing little steps. Thats the truth and i speak from experience..

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