Step moms friend

My mother in law has been with my dad for over twenty years so basically she is the mother figure in my life since my mom passed away before i ever really knew her. I am twenty two now and had been home for a few days after Christmas which was not planned but i had a few days off work and made a quick trip home.
My basement bedroom has become an office/spare room and since i had not told anyone i was coming home the room had been given away already which i didn't care about but it was a friend of my step moms who was staying in it, Vikki has been around all of my life pretty much since her and my step mom have been friend since childhood and to be honest she is forty three now but she has been a major part of my fantasies since i was about thirteen, She has gotten a little bit older but is still a head turner, She is around five and a half feet tall, long, Straight, Dark hair and really for a woman in her forties her body is really nice.
The day i had been home were in the middle of the week so my parents were working but Vikki was just in town to visit for a couple days on her way home from her daughters place since she had been down there for Christmas, She was very apologetic about stealing my room which i assured her was no big deal, The morning of the day i was to leave to head back to where i live now i had been asleep on the couch downstairs but heard both of my parents leave for work and about an hour later as i laid there contemplating getting up i heard Vikki's alarm go off, I had all the blinds closed so it would stay dark in the family room so i was able to peek as i watched her, She got up and i watched her go into the bathroom, She started the shower and then went back to the bedroom, did whatever and came back.
Vikki was wearing just a long nightgown and i could see her b**** and butt wiggle as she walked back and forth then went into the bathroom and closed the door. My dad being the "Handyman" that he thinks he is had been renovating the basement over the course of the last five years but instead of finishing any one of his projects had gotten about half done each one and started something else so i knew from experience (My mother in law had been forced to use the basement shower for two weeks at one point) that from the back side of the bathroom wall, Inside the media closet that if it was dark in the family room you could open the door and there is a two foot gap at the bottom.
I couldn't help myself and i waited until the water in the shower started making different sounds meaning she was in the shower, I opened the closet door slowly hoping the hinges wouldn't creak giving me away and as i did light came cascading from under the bottom shelf, I laid on my stomach and peered in. Through the glass shower doors which are kind of frosted but not really i could see Vikki and she looked even better than i expected, She is an absolute MILF, Thick legs and thighs but they look more toned than chubby and very smooth, A round but not overly large butt, Tiny little bit of a tummy and pretty big b****.
I watched her on the screen of my phone as i recorded her all the way through her shower as she lathered up and rinsed her hair and body off, Shaved her legs and trimmed her p**** into a wide "V" basically just shaving the bikini line and then stood there letting the water run over her head and body and then when i thought she was getting ready to get out i closed the closet door and returned to the couch. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and she walked across to the bedroom in just a towel and closed the bedroom door.
Once again thanks to my dad there is no trim on the door jamb and you can look right in, I sneaked up to the doorway and peeked in as she bent over and dried her hair making her b**** jiggle and sway as she vigorously dried toweled her hair then wrapped it in the towel. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself then grabbed a bottle of lotion and started on her legs and thighs making everything jiggle as she applied it then worked her way up her stomach and started on her b**** then her arms and shoulders.
By this time i was beyond h**** and maybe have seen too many movies where this works but i stripped naked and with my "Little soldier" which i have been told is not so little at full attention i opened the door and said "Need a hand with that", yeah ok, Not my best moment but it happened so i was forced to run with it. Vikki looked at me in surprise then looked down and said "Whoa...Um...No" and held her hands out blocking her view of my erection, I stepped right up to her and said "I could definitely help you". She looked up at the ceiling and i pressed my body right up against her so my h****** was pressing her hip and looked at her, She was obviously in disbelief and had her one arm out to the side and her other hand just touching her forehead with her finger tips, She was trying to talk but nothing was coming out, She kept opening her mouth like she was going to say something but then didn't, I put one hand on her back and one on her stomach then slid it up and cupped her b*** and that's when she started to speak, She grabbed my hand pushing it back down to her stomach and said Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. No, Stop now" and put her hands on my chest pushing back but not very hard so i ended up having her between me and the dresser with no where to go.
Vikki had both her hands up to her head with two fingers from each hand pressing her temples as i again cupped her big, Soft b*** with one hand then squeezed her butt with the other, I leaned in and she was breathing heavy as i whispered "you look so much more amazing in real life than i ever imagined", She said "Um, thanks, I guess" She was kind of trying to block my hand with her elbow but not really as i massaged her b*** then turned to face me and put her hands on my biceps as she looked me in the eye and said " need to stop...I am married and old enough to be your mom". I looked back at her and took her one hand putting it on my b**** saying "Tell me you don't want that", She looked at me and said "I am married" but kept holding it and didn't seem to even notice as i cupped her b**** rolling her big nipples between my fingers.
I could tell that the whole thing was not going to end up where wanted it to and i was already dribbling pre come out the tip of my b**** as she held it in her beautiful hand so i decided not to hold out any longer than i needed and instead started working my hips so she was stroking me, She had one hand back on the dresser to steady herself and the other stroking me and when i stopped moving my hips she kept stroking, I played with her b**** and leaned in sucking one of big nipples then leaned back and shot my load. I don't think i have ever came that hard before and when i did she started stoking fast saying "Oh god, Oh god" and every time another shot would hit her she would go "Ahh, Oh god". She had put the hand she was using to steady herself up under her chin because i had already shot a load all the way up between her b**** and that made her spread her legs to steady herself, I started rubbing her and before she could say no i shoved a finger in her, I was fingering her and she was stroking me with come all over her stomach and chest and dripping from her fingers as she reached down and pushed my hand away from her p**** saying "Nope, Nope".
We both stood there breathing heavy as i cupped her b**** and rubbed my come all over them for a few seconds before she pushed me back and said "Ok, Stop" and walked away, Grabbed her towel and went to the bathroom with her little bum jiggling all the way, I heard the shower start and i sat on the bed to catch my breath as i relived the whole thing over and over in my mind. The shower stopped and she came back into the room as i leaned back fully hard again and she stopped at the doorway and said "No" over and over again as she walked up and took me by the hand standing me up and pushing me out the door.
I went upstairs and she came up after getting dressed, I was sitting in just a pair of shorts and she came up sitting across from me and said "THAT...Never happened", I pulled out my b**** and said "Ok, Want to never do it again" And she said "Yes, I mean no...I mean no, it can never happen again and never did happen", She came and sat beside me, Looked at me and said "Look, I am a happily married woman and if you ever breath a word of this to anyone i will deny it to my grave", I started stroking it and said "One time, I promise i will rock your world and never tell a soul", She leaned in and whispered in my ear "Nooooooo" then leaned back, Looked at my b**** then at me and said "You will make some girl very happy one day but i am sorry, It's not gonna be me". Then she got up and walked away, Got in her car and left.
Sadly i had to leave before she returned so i didn't get to see her again and i will probably never see her again because she will avoid me like the plague but oh well, I got to live out a fantasy most men never will.

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  • No punctuation. What the fuc..k.

  • I know you are pre-teen trolls because you are so illiterate that you do not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Nice little rape story.

  • My mom has a friend who got drunk and passed out face down on our couch one time when she was 44 and i sneaked upstairs in the middle of the night, I peeked under her skirt, She was wearing a thong and i pulled it to the side and rubbed her butt hole with my thumb and left a load on her butt then rubbed it in and pulled her skirt back down. LOL.

  • Another idiot that does not know the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Oh great, another 20 year old idiot male on the loose. You make us all look bad.

  • Unless you are married, your wife's mother would be your mother in law. The woman married to your father is your step mother.

  • That's what i meant, Sorry.

  • The word "I" is capitalized, you f****** illiterate moron.

  • To write so much, You must have less of a life than me and I've got nothing.

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