I can't stand your touch.

You put your lips to mine and I want to scream.
You put your mouth on my b****** and I have to close my eyes and imagine his mouth on me.
You enter me, and my memory has to recall his face, his touch, his body in order for me to climax.

You wanted this.
You wanted me to love someone else so you could love another woman, but I think arrogantly you thought someone wouldn't love me like he does.

But he loves me as though I am the only woman that matters in the world. He calls me his queen, his lover, his girl ... His.

And now all I want to do is be in his arms and away from yours.

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  • He needs to get a new girlfriend.

  • I was trapped the very same way you find yourself. I divorced the controlling abusive winch who blackmailed me for a couple years with the kids to keep me from leaving. I made the decision and divorcedd her.

    The person I loved was also married and she divorced his abusive a$$. That was 20 years ago and we live each day as it is our last. Best thing we ever did was make the decision to be together.

  • So... what is keeping you from going to the other man?

  • So leave. Why waste your time with someone you don't want to be with.

  • OP is f*ggot .

  • You are disgusting. And an embarrassment.

  • So why do you stay?

  • Dont listen too these morons. Im glad you found love and happiness...

  • Children

  • Either be faithful and love him, or leave. Children come from broken families everyday, they will be fine.

  • My sister and I both prayed our unhappy parents would divorce. It's miserable living with unhappy parents

  • Like many females they stay because they have a work horse to pay the way.

  • Uh no. We are both earners.

  • The other partner is sanctioned. He has one as well.

  • ???

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