Girl in me

Im 34 years old and i consider myself a sissy. I endeavor everyday to take the role of girl in all aspects of life, especially s**. I had my first sexual experience at 14 and it was another boy, who was 16. Out of compulsion, i guess, i sucked his d***. I waa grossed out once we were done, but the thought of it later on aroused me. I soon experimented with another boy and i really began to enjoy having s** with other boys. When i turned 18 and discovered that men hook up at adult arcades, i quickly joined the fun. During my entire youth i crossdressed, and wanted to show others. So, i would wear panties and bra to the arcade and let men who undressed me see. Most didnt care for the panties but all loved how i sucked their c****. I began to love sucking c*** because i did it so much. Between the ages of 20-30 i had numerous sexual encounters with men and found that i was a bottom. I had fun but i wanted to feel girly while they f***** me and i sucked them. It was already natural that i became submissive during s**, i just wanted to wear panties while doing it. I slowly began getting deeper into dressing and spoon became a full sissy with a wig, make up, smooth body and slutty as f***. I soon found Craigslist, and posted pics of myself and found men into girls like me. So now i dont have s** with guys until im dressed. So my confession, i love to dress like a girl and suck c*** and get f*****
Wanna see what i look like?

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  • You would be surprised how many women are bullied to be more masculine and never allowed to be loved for being a woman. I think it would shock most men because few men are bullied for showing their natural masculinity only bullied if they are sissy or occasionally if they are over aggressive but women are bashed by other women for wanting love from a man and also bullied for needing a mans touch or help to lift heavy things or bring home a wage. a woman is a bad wife or mother or sister if she does do domestic work and caring or s** work within a family but men are never bullied over that state of the house or cooking or love or s**.

  • I am a woman and I think a lot of women feel the same way. they are very afraid and even bullied if they express the girl inside them. I want to let my fem out more often and be the girl I was and prettier. I believe in youthing yourself young again. I don't believe in old age and playing dead for others. you choose your wars and battles like everything.

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