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I don't think my wife loves me anymore. I think she feels affection for me, on some level, and she is kind to me, but she doesn't love me. I think she wants out of our marriage, but certain practical concerns are keeping her with me for now. I am kind to her, I treat her well, I support her, so there isn't any real need for her to leave. I think, however, that she knows she doesn't love me, and she's just waiting for the right time to go.

She's pretending for now, and I can sometimes see the effort she's making. I can also see the longing she has to be free of this marriage. She isn't happy. I have tried my best to make her as happy as I can, but I know there is only so much one person can do for the happiness of another.

I love her so much, and I tell her and show her every day, but I know it's not enough. She wants to leave, and someday she will. I just hope she's kind to me when she does.

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  • My wife and I weren't getting along, partly because I was sleeping around (being the lead guitarist in a band or two will get you lots of offers, even if you're a complete dork) I was cheating because she's an emotionally unstable ball breaker. Also, I met my true soul mate at work one day, she was so much like my wife only kinder and not a ball breaker. So that complicated things.

    My wife would threaten suicide if I left her, so that kept me around. Then she upped the stakes by conning me into giving her a baby. I'm even more miserable now and it really shows after all these years. I basically pretend my daughter doesn't exist, in a few more years she'll be old enough to move out on her own.

    Maybe I'll finally work up the guts to leave too, when she does. Or maybe I'll just keep being a beaten down slave to a clingy psycho. I don't wear my wedding ring unless the wife puts her foot down, but I think she's tired of even doing that. So until I finally leave this world I'll just keep playing in one band or another and selling the "wounded romeo" look.

    Please, someone shoot me.

  • This is my wife to a tee. Wow exactly the same. If we did not have kids id tell her to go.

  • I lived that way for years with my ex, it was an absolutely miserable way to live. She ran the show and there was no way to get her to move emotionally. She blackmailed me to stay in thee marriage by using my kids telling me I would not see them anymore if I divorced her.

    I was a hard worker, made decent money and she became very spoiled. Counseling didn't work as she would not return to a counselors when they started focusing on her issues. I divorced her eventually, bought my kids back from her with a large settlement. Happiest day of my life escaping that abusive bietch.

  • You need better communication with her. I'd go to couples counseling and start peeling back the layers of your feelings in this relationship. It sounds like there are many.

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