Not succeeding

I decided in the summer last year that I would try harder to improve my grades than I ever have done before. I mean my grades are okay but not enough for scholarship attention in a couple years. But so far, my grades are about the same. No matter what I do or how hard I work, my grades stay almost the same. They are a little better but not much. It's so frustrating to put so much into something and see so little improvement.

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  • Yes. Get some experienced help. Or try a different learning pattern. Back to front. Take breaks. Be hydrated and not hungry or already fed.

  • Dont lose your hope. You will get there. Just patience. This is the process of improving. At least, you see somewhat improvemnts. It is better than nothing. The more youre happy with your current results the more your improvements youll see happening in your life. Youre getting there. Dont lose hope. Good luvk! (:

  • Get a tutor. Amazing how that can help.

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