After Highschool

I'm in the 10th grade as of now.. I've done a few bad things as does everybody else. Smoked weed, had s** etc. Just human stuff. When I picture my future, my mind literally goes blank. My life is going no where, I have s*** grades. Literally a 17 in Geometry right now. I'm only interested in my acting class, but I've been trying to get my grades up and stuff. I was thinking that, after I do a couple of things that I've always wanted to do. Maybe I can just end it all. There's no room for someone as useless as me, all I do is absorb. I'm a sponge, I'm not some brilliant Indian kid who knows the answer to every question. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything. I just wanna say, food is probably the only reason to live anymore.

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  • You're only young and have your life ahead of you. You don't have to decide about your future now. There's no rush.
    Regardless of age, sometimes deciding on ones future, is never easy.
    Just enjoy being young and carefree.
    Possibly, improve your grades if it means that much to you. If you aren't bothered about your grades, maybe try to determine why. Is it down to laziness or do you find learning specific subjects/understanding something's difficult? If you do, seek advice and guidance from a trusted teacher

  • I'm 16 and had the same problem but mostly because I didn't have a motivation in life, it was like I was a waste of space, energy and money. Some people a hundred times better than me were incapable of reaching their full capacity because of bad financial issues or something and I had really no motivation to live. When I see people in the future I have great visions of them and bothing for myself. My father told me that if I were acting like this then the people who were out on the streets trying to put food in their stomached would commit suicide. And when I thought about it, I would have committed suicide if I were in their place. My motivation is to go to college to get away from some of my problems. I would be away from everybody I know and start fresh. I'm trying to be positive. It actually works

  • I was in the same predicament you were, I didnt have the best grades and my life seemed like it was going no-where but I joined the air force and got my whole life turned around. its not for everyone, but there is still hope, and have ou ever heard of jobcore? look into that too. best of luck to ya!

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