I was studying so hard, to impress my parents, but they never notice it, i've been trying so hard so that they would notice my grades, my improvements.. but after a few years, they finally noticed my grades but never congratulated me or anything, my father only told me that i was still not good enough as my brother, soo they told me that i should apply for scholarship since my grade is pretty good, so i am here, looking at the papers i should fill up, anyways, i've also applied for voucher programs so that they would have to pay less, but now, i think i am unable to apply for scholarship (some papers were missing..) my father told me that, he would only give me 1 dollar as allowance everyday, (note that our house was reaally far away from my university) i don't know what i did wrong, i tried my best for them to notice me and tell me that it was alright. Right now, i am thinking of living alone after graduating highschool. anywayss i am 16 y/o, i should handle it, since i am a little bit of an adult now.. so yeah, i juat want someone to hear me out, just for once.

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  • I had no college fund and was thrown out at 17, I had to work to survive, sometimes 2 jobs, and all I ever wanted was to go to college. Never happened; biggest regret of my life. You should be proud that you are trying, and I wish you success. Not sure where you are from, ever thought about military for the educational benefits? Whatever you do, do it for you - don't give up!

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