I am coming out and telling everyone i am a sissyboy

I am coming out. I am a sissyboy. I look act and dress up like a sissy girly girl all the time. As i have been since my early teen years. I even did so even as a young child starting at age six. But of course i was kinda forced into it by my aunt at age seven and forced to live and act like a young girly girl by my parents until they kicked me out of thier house whenever i came out and told them i was and still am gay and a sissyboy girly girl who loves being a young girly girl and having s** with the same s** and dressed and acting and living my life as a sissy girly girl. My aunt who gotten me started took me in afterwards and gave me a fresh start and lets me be myself in every way. I am 32 years old now and my life is just fabulous. I work at a lingerie store and a stripper at one of the night clubs and i do the occasional escorting services and sexual activities on the side for extra cash. Plus i have my own place and i have a wonderful clothes dresses and lingerie make-up all i wear everywhere i go . And i answer to several girly girl names . tabby , tina, Beverly, samantha, but most of my lovers call me Vanessa. Yep i am a sissyboy 100% and a very happy and loving girly girl.

Jan 23, 2018

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  • I was a cute little sissyboy starting when I was 5 trading underpants with the neighbor girl my age my Mom sat for. I loved her panties ad much it seemed she loved my underpants.

  • I too started at an early age first with panties then bra then outfits, then I took then big dive, met with a gent who was 10 yrs older and showed me what a gurl I am and I was a first time pro at sucking c*** the he put me on my back then went down on me then ate my ass then put my legs up to my shoulders then put two fingers in my manpussie then lubed his 9 inch c*** then slowly in then once in he started out slow pumps then one hard thrust felt his low hanging b**** hit mine that was it, once he lip locked me I knew he was going to c**, I felt the rush and then felt warm then getting warmer deep inside me then it was running down my lower back, GOD the was GOOD FEELING, then I lapped up his love juices each time he sees me he has a new pair of panties for me my fav is silk pink g string

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