He is a very handsome man......there's no question about it...
I was waiting for my husband to get back from the bar with some drinks when i sat next to him at a picnic table.. i see you must like the view i said laughingly....( there was a middle aged woman flashing her ** not on purpose but her movements allowed everyone to look ) he laughed and said no not really that would give me nightmares only nice clean and smooth ones are on my menu and those are getting hard to find....well i responded and looked to see if my husband was coming i wouldn't say that i swung my leg over the picknick table seat and lifted my dress making sure he got a shot at my ** i stayed there till my husband brought the drinks over then i got up to assist him bringing drinks......i see you met William he tells me he works for the company......oooops that thru me off i flashed my goods at my husband co-worker my husband doesn't even know that most of the time when i wear a dress i'm to know William really really well.. ingested a lot of his DNA and wiped a lot of DNA ...if you know what i mean.....still love my husband but it's a ** flashing inconspicuous at anyone and pretend i'm not aware of it

May 9

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In the Line of Duty

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