I hate most men

I'll start by saying I don't hate all men but I do hate most men. Just reading through these confessions tells the truth about men. These perverts (mostly men) can't even post in the adult part of the site, they have to spread their filth here. The confessions from women are mostly all thoughtful and loving. Sure there are some disgusting rotten women out there and there are some great guys but these are the exception. Almost every guy, once you get to know him, thinks with his d*** and has done something immoral and/or illegal with s**...like s******* a drunk girl, groping a sleeping person, peeping on girls, raping etc. Men are disgusting immoral creatures.

Jan 24, 2018

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  • This is not hard, people.

    Men think with their d****, especially when there's not much going on in the brainpan. If they can stick their willy into something-- anything-- they'll do it.

    Women use their bodies and crying and babies and emotional manipulation to their advantage. Sometimes this works well to counteract the male tendency to catch wood first and think later (if at all), sometimes it doesn't.

    Most men DO suck.
    So do most women.

    HUMANS suck.

    Class dismissed.

  • Sounds like a woman b******* because she can do the nasty with a man because they fine you unatrractive.

  • The thing about this site, is that all of it is bullshit. Everyone wants attention, so they will say the most outlandish crap in order to get it. I see your point, but you kind of come off as an ignorant piece of s***. Coming from a woman btw ^

  • I hate most women, what's your f****** point. Your opinion means as much as mine does, not a f****** thing.

  • YUP. And they wonder why so many women are turning to each other for love, comfort, and pleasure.

  • Yeah that's called lesbians coming out of the closet now that it's acceptable. Doesn't have anything to do with men. Or did you forget there are just as many gay men coming out now. Think before your write stupid s***.

  • Women flash their t*** and ass to get anything they want and men are the perverts? You need to stop sucking up all the crap the feminist left is feeding you. S** sells and there are just as many women selling as there are men buying.

  • Maybe when you learn to stop making it so easy for us to manipulate with our s** appeal, we'll stop. That's really all there is to it. Typical man with a fragile ego. Can't bare to sit down and reflect on the fact that "Holy s***. It could be me. I'm not God's gift to the world." you have to b**** and whine about how it isn't your fault.

  • Thank you for your post. There is a difference between being sexual and sexist. I appreciate your views. I am a 61 yo man

  • My wife and I are raising my 30 year old stepdaughters 3 children because she's in prison. Please don't tell me how women are superior to men when I'm raising another woman's children.

  • I'm not sure why, but reading what you wrote makes me want to f*** you. Hard.

  • Unfunny

  • I just came. Again.

  • What makes you hard and any stories. I love nudist resorsts with my wife and daughters....

  • Go hijack someone's thread with one of your mile-long "dialogues", Happynude

  • I am a man and I don't like most of them either.

  • That's true most men are perverts . They can sexually aroused easier than women in anything , even with children or violence . Women are more emotionally creatures . Most pedophiles and necrophiliacs and people who sexually aroused by murder or scat or blood are men . I am disgusting most men too . Women if they are perverts is rare . And i read even if a woman touch a child she will do it for more than only her sexual pleasure . She want to connect emotionally with someone . Men doing these only for their sexually pleasure .

  • Some children nine and over love too be pleasured by adults. Male or female.....

  • F*** off, even if you are trolling you need to get help, you are messed up in the head.

  • Why its pleasure too them.......

  • I agree .

  • Thank you. If you agree then d m say yes...

  • I think that you have developed this view of men fom this site, which is honestly quite silly. This site is full of trolls, people who are just saying their dark fantasies (which everyone has from time to time) or that this site (as well as most confession sites) just has a large population of fringe weirdos that use it. Taking the 'confessions' of a site mostly populated by people that are generally on the outskirts of society as indicative of almost half of the world's population is uninformed and, scientifically speaking, very stupid.

  • It's not just this site, it's people in general. Do you live under a rock? av you not heard of #metoo? All the pedophiles? Almost all men are crap. I've met only a small handful that wouldn't try stuff on drunk women for example.

  • Oh yes the #metoo movement where 90% of the so called victims are women p***** off that some man asked them out so they cry victim. Feminism is killing the real victims of sexual harassment by overshadowing them. They are a disgrace to all women and set us back everytime a false claim is made. Discussed with the #metoo movement.

  • Wow. Do you really think it's only men "asking them out"? There are THAT MANY women who have been sexually abused by men. Plenty of men have been sexually abused by other men as well. What is disgusting is how quick men are to dismiss that very fact, and it's sad too. Men need to level up.

  • Maybe you should educate yourself. When there are 150 women who come out against some guy, and then another 100 or 200 women come out against some other guy, it's pretty much a woman thing. The problem is most these women chose to have s** with that guy to advance their careers, now they want to play the victim card. No, you chose to advance your career, you are not a victim.

  • This is totally true. Once the fad wears off, the problems will still remain, and the Rose McGowans and Ashely Judds will still have the millions they made off those they now accuse as "abusers" or "rapists". And Hollywood will have used the opportunity to polish up its own horrifying sexual reputation.

  • They can experience orgasams at even nine years old......

  • #sickfuck

  • It's true though. I know guys that have been jerking off since they were 6 years old. Girls do it too. We girls just keep quiet about it lol

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