Why I can't talk to girls?

Hello people. First I want to admit that this is the best website in the internet. I come here everyday and read the confessions and I laugh,cry,feel disgusted,get h****...etc. It's just amazing how people confessions do that to other people. Here is my story. I am 21 years old guy and I am almost 5'3 under 100 pounds weight. I am average looking guy but mostly not really attractive. The problem I have is that there was never a girl who hit on me or wanted to talk to me. Most of the people who knows thinks I am funny guy and nice. Don't get me wrong, I have talked to girls and was in relationship with one of them who dumped me because she couldn't wait 3 years until I finish my school. Here is some facts about me.I am little shy person but I can talk to anybody. I have attended only boys school from 1st to 12th grade. I have never kissed a girl or jerked off in my life. I was gay between 13-16. It was one of the worst experiences in my life. I mean we didn't have s** it was mostly disgusting to me. I was also raised in a religious family. I think that's the main reason I don't talk to girls but still there a lot of religious people who talks to girls and try to find their love. I mean just last week, I was helping some girls in the school and I was ok with it but I never carry any conversation out of school or anything they ask me about. Last summer, I took a math class and there was this girl sitting in the front seat I just noticed her for no reason but I didn't talk to her at all. We have taken almost the same classes since summer and so far I have never talked to her or even said a single word to her. Her major is like mine and I believe she is in relationship. I know some things about her but I knew all of these things just from observation. I don't want to hit on her or something like that but why I can't talk to this girl like I talk to boys? I just need some help here..!!!

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  • the gay from 13-16 quote was probably just experiments or a phase friend and just look at her and say hi if she doesn't reply conversation over if she reply's don't freak out just analyze your next words carefully and i don't know how to help you talk to her

  • How is it that you say you were gay from 13-16? People can't just stop being gay. Do you mean you were attracted to boys then but stopped? Maybe you're forcing yourself to not be attracted to boys. Why don't you just trike up a casual conversation with this girl? If you're shy you can work to overcome it.

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