Do people hate older men with younger women?

I was watching Dr Phil, the episode where a 22 yr old had married her friend's 58 yr old dad. Not for money, they seemed average. But they got a LOT of hate comments like, "gross why is she with him?" do people really think that? My husband is 30 yrs older than me, I'm 25. It's not that I really care what anyone thinks, I just wonder how people truly respond to us when we go out in public. Is everyone really thinking 'ew?' If so I'm going to start making out with him in public


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  • I'm 58 and my lady friend is 52, age is just a number. Unless your a child molester. They should be castrated

  • I think it's really cool and sexy.

  • No, people don't really think that. What they actually think is "JEALOUS".

  • It's mostly p*** fantasy, we wish we could get young, tight p**** but it's rare. I've found, a lot of these girls are with Justin Bieber clones.

  • P*** fantasy? Are you kidding, do you live under a rock? I see couples all the time with big age differences. My uncle's 76 years old and he's married to a woman who's 45 years old. They got married when she was 18. Two different guys I work with have younger wife's. One is about 20 years younger, and the other is 9 years younger. Another guy that is a regular at the local club has a wife who's 14 years younger than him. That's just the younger women, that I can think of or know about locally, and I live in a small town. So p*** fantasy? I think not!

  • Wow I'd love to get to know your aunt I have questions!! Thanks for this comment❤

  • My nephew showed me your post. I'd be glad to answer any questions as I know first hand how difficult this can be. The one thing you have to remember is that you and your husband are the only two people that matter. If you truly love each other than nothing will ever come between you.

  • Thank you so much! One thing I want to know-did you ever have trouble getting him to take you out? I'm not a party animal or anything, but it's like pulling teeth to get him to take me out to dinner! I know he's just at a different stage in life than me, and I understand, but sometimes it's frustrating! Did you have this problem?

  • You will always be at different stages in your life. The key is for you to take one step forward and him take one step back. I never had any problems getting him to take me out. He loves going out for dinner and date night. What I did have problems with was getting him to go on vacation. By the time we got together he had already been in the army and seen half the world. He didn't want to travel at first. He took steps back. We compromised and started going on small vacations. Weekend get aways. Now we go on week long vacations. I like to think that is what keeps him young. He still has some medical issues. I have spent time in the hospital when he was sick. I guess that is the steps forward I have to take.

  • Thank you so much. That's another thing I'm terrified of. I of course have dreams of him dying a little over a hundred so I could be in my 80s, because I really can't imagine living without him. But I know that odds are one day he's going to have a heart attack, and it's going to be me, terrified, trying to save him. How do you deal with worries like that?

  • You can't worry about that. If you do it will consume your life and you will never live. I assume my husband will die before me. I don't know that for sure though. I could get hit by a car tomorrow and die. You just never know.
    There are little tricks that can help though. One trick is to think of your age and age differences as percentage instead. The older you get the higher percentage you are. Two people who are the same age would be 100%. Figure your percentage for when you first met and now. See, you are gaining on him.

  • Sorry it took me this long to reply, but tthank you so much for your kind words. You are very encouraging. I wish you the best in your marriage!!

  • I will show my aunt this post so she can comment.

  • P o r n fantasy

  • It doesn't matter if the guy is older or the woman is. My wife is 15 years older than me. When I started dating her several of my women friends called her up and said horrible things. They wanted to know why she couldn't find someone her own age, or she should be ashamed for taking me from them. They called her everything from a s*** to a cradle robbing b****. When I found out, I told them all to f*** off because it wasn't their life. My wife and I have been married now for 20 years and we're still happy today as we were when we first started dating. Just tell all the naysayers to f*** off.

  • I'm so happy I came across this. I am in a similar situation. My SO is 13 years older than me. I hear the same things. "There must be something wrong with him if he can't find someone his own age!" that isn't the case whatsoever. It's upsetting for people to find fault in the ones we love for something as shallow as age. I'm glad you were able to rise above it.

  • The thing I don't understand is why they care. I mean really, who cares about a dumb number. If two people get along and they love each other than who are they to say you shouldn't be together because ones older than the other.

  • This warms my heart

  • As long as it's legal, it shouldn't matter to anyone else if two people love and care for one another. My aunt is 25 years younger than my uncle. They seem to make it work. Maybe sometimes it can be questionned what do two people in different stages of life have in common. Just because for you as a 25 year old woman there are certain things that happen in your 20's developmentally and the same can be said for a man in his 50's. But all the matters is making it work. I saw that particular episode on Dr. Phil and when you watch it it is sort of a trainwreck. But that's them. The 22 year old seemed super immature, but then so did her 58 year old husband.. But that's for them to work out. People always going to have something to say.

  • Im sure he can barely get hard to give you a good f***. 25 is prime ripe p****.

  • HA you'd be wrong

  • Yeh I think they do, its called dirty old b***** syndrome. how often do you see older women with young men , not near as often.

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